Joe Foreman
Vice President Mike Pence addresses his audience at Lincoln’s Ridgeview Farms in western Mills County on Friday. Pence is flanked by U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (left) and the farm’s owner, Dean Lincoln (right). Pence promised to work with state and federal political leaders to make Iowa “bigger and better than before.” Pence visited the farm while viewing flooding along the Missouri River valley.
Vice President Pledges Support During Flood Tour

The vice president of the United States was in Mills County Friday, viewing levee breaches and flooded farm fields and offering encouragement to victims of the historic Missouri River flooding that’s caused nearly $2 billion damage in western Iowa.

During a brief appearance at the Lincoln family’s Ridgeview Farms southwest of Pacific Junction, Mike Pence promised support and relief to victims of a flood that’s now regarded as the worst in Mills County history.