Today's News

  • Cafe Employees Work Day For No Pay

    It was the ultimate show of support and appreciation for their boss.

    On Friday, the three employees on duty at the Bear Creek Cafe in Glenwood worked the entire day for no wages. It was a gesture to demonstrate their appreciation for having a job and to show cafe owner Sherry Brosdahl that they understand the financial struggles she and other owners of small businesses are facing during our nation’s tough economic times.

    “We all need to do our part to help struggling businesses stay open,” Bear Creek employee Breanna Wright said.

  • A New Year And A Fresh Start

    As I sat in front of the TV late Wednesday night watching the final seconds of 2008 tick away in Times Square, it was very evident that Americans were eager to ring in a new year.

    Maybe more so than any other year in a long, long time.

    No doubt about it, 2008 was a rough year for many people, for many different reasons, and most people were ready to put the year to rest.

    With the new year comes a breath of fresh air and the hope that America and the world will be a better place to live in 2009.

    * * *

  • Mills County on RAGBRAI Route

    Has it been six years already?

    RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) last came to Mills County in 2003, but the nation’s largest crossstate bicycle extravaganza appears to headed back this summer.

  • ISL Aimed At Students, Curriculum

    To ISL or not to ISL...

    ...That is the question the Glenwood Community School District is asking of district voters in a Feb. 3 special election considering the district’s adoption of an Instructional Support Levy. If passed, the measure would allow the school district to collect more than $700,000 in new funds.

  • Mills County Adopts Building Code

    Mills County now has a building code in place.

    A “building and property maintenance” ordinance adopted by the Mills County Board of Supervisors became law on Jan. 28. Among its many provisions, the building code requires builders and contractors to follow a permit and inspection process on all new construction and major renovation projects in unincorporated areas of the county.

  • Glenwood Fills Vacated Council Seat

    In a somewhat awkward and irregular manner, the city of Glenwood has filled its vacant seat on the city council.

    The appointment of Kay LeFever was approved during the city council’s regular meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 27.

    LeFever was one of three Glenwood residents who had asked to be considered for the at-large seat that became available when Ron Bales retired on Dec. 31. Susan Hirschman and Lyn Mintle also sought consideration for the seat.

  • It's Official - School Levy Fails On Tie Vote

    The verdict is in.

    By the slimmest of margins, voters have rejected the Glenwood Community School District’s 10-year Instructional Support Levy (ISL).

    Tuesday morning, the Mills County Board of Supervisors accepted the formal canvas of ballots from the Feb. 3 special election. The final result: 434 Yes votes and 434 No votes, meaning the school district has come up one vote short of getting the simple majority needed for passage.

  • GHS Grad Wanted To Be Swing Vote

    After the ballots were tabulated following last Tuesday’s special election for the Glenwood Community School District's 10-year Instructional Support Levy (ISL), the vote was deadlocked at 434 in favor and 434 against.

    Because a simple majority was not attained, the levy had seemingly failed to pass.

    And that’s when things got interesting.

    County election officials announced late Tuesday night that one absentee ballot was still outstanding.

  • School Board Vows To Seek Recount

    Prior to learning the final results of the Feb. 3 Instructional Support Levy (ISL) election, the Glenwood Board of Education authorized GCSD Superintendent Dr. Stan Sibley to initiate a formal recount of votes should he deem it to be in the best interest of the school district.


    The school board gave its formal authorization to Sibley during its regular meeting Monday night.


  • ISL Ballot Recount Set For Tuesday

    At the request of a petition submitted on behalf of the Glenwood Community School District, a formal recount of ballots from the district’s Feb. 3 Instructional Support Levy election will take place Tuesday (Feb. 17) at 8:30 a.m. in the Mills County Courthouse.

    The vote ended in a 434-434 tie, meaning the 10-year levy failed by one vote.

    Mills County Auditor Carol Robertson said Thursday the recount would involve a hand-count of ballots by citizens from the Glenwood community, with representatives from the county and the school district present.