Sisters Spreading The Word About Services Available To Local Cardiac Care Patients

Linda Goos, a cardiac care patient at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital in Council Bluffs, and her sister Marcia Keith, the Service Leader For the Cardiovascular Service Line at the hospital, are helping get the word out about services available to Mills County and southwest Iowa residents in need of cardiac care.

February is National Heart Month and for two sisters from the Glenwood area, it’s the perfect time to promote cardiac care and services available to Mills County residents in need of treatment for heart-related conditions.

Marcia Keith, the Service Leader for the Cardiovascular Service Line at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital in Council Bluffs, and her sister Linda Goos, a cardiac patient at the hospital, said it’s important for Mills County residents to know that if they are in need of cardiac care, Jennie Edmundson can provide the services they need.

“I was having some issues with my heart racing so I went in. I was diagnosed with AFib (Atrial Fibrillation)” Goos said. “Due to the condition that I was in, they decided to do an ablasion so I am under Doctor (Joseph) Ayoub’s care to see what I need to do next. I will see him again in the middle of February.

“It was very important to know that I had the services available to me that I need.”

Mills County has no hospital of its own, so as Keith points out, Jennie Edmundson Hospital is the “center point” of care for local residents in need of cardiac services.

“We do a lot of outreach,” she said. “We go to a lot of communities and bring people here for cardiac care. We do outreach in Glenwood, Harlan, Atlantic, Red Oak and Shenandoah.

“We partner with these different communities and we try to help make sure they know the services that we provide and what we can do for their cardiac care. Glenwood is definitely one of our main points because they’re close and we want to make sure they know we can provide what they need.”

Goos is grateful for the care she’s getting from the cardiac team at Jennie Edmundson and she wants to help spread the word.

“I’m getting involved because I feel that the Glenwood and Mills County community needs to know what is available out there,” she said. “I don’t think we’re doing enough to get that information out.”

Keith and Goos are both involved with a Heart Month fundraiser coming up Feb. 17 to generate dollars for uninsured and underinsured cardiac patients at the hospital. “Dance To The Beat” will be held at the Mid-America Center and will feature live music from the cover band Taxi Driver, as well as raffles, prizes, a silent auction, appetizers and drinks.

Rachel Reis, Director of Volunteer Services and Foundation at Jennie Edmundson, said proceeds from the event support cardiac patients in need of treatment, rehabilitation, medication, transportation and everyday living expenses.

“Basically, we work directly with that patient and help them navigate what would be the best help. We support them in either making sure they have access to food, or we might help them with transportation to and from cardiac rehab,” she said.  “Are we helping them with their mortgage or are there items that need to be installed in the house to help them gain some more independence? What does that all look like?

“We try to make that as easy as possible and try not to make it a one size fits all for their situation.”

Keith said the event was started several years ago by some of the hospital’s cardiologists that wanted to so something to support their patients who have financial needs.

“We use the money for everything from helping with cardio rehab sessions, if they’re not able to afford it, to providing gas cards,” she said. “Two years ago, we purchased a couple treadmills with the money for the cardiac rehab. It’s for all the cardiovascular service line for anybody that’s in need.”

Keith is helping line up corporate sponsors for the event and Goos is gathering promotional items from Glenwood businesses that can be used for the silent auction. They’ll also both be in attendance at the fundraiser, which begins at 7 p.m.

Dance To The Beat tickets can be purchased in advance of the event by calling 712-396-6040 or by visiting the website online.


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