Agreement Will Bring Fiber-optic Network To Glenwood

Western Iowa Network (WIN) has finalized an agreement with Mills County and City of Glenwood officials to bring state-of-the-art fiber-optic technology to Glenwood.

The county and the city have agreed to each contribute $250,000 to finance startup costs of  the technology to the city limits of Glenwood.

“The city is excited to partner with Mills County to help make it possible for Western Iowa Networks to bring fiber into the Glenwood city limits,” Glenwood City Administrator Amber Farnan said. “We understand our citizen’s need for this service and are happy to be a part of the solution.”

Mills County has been partnering with WIN the past four years in an effort to bring fiber optic technology to communities across the county. Glenwood will become the latest community served by WIN.

“It’s a great opportunity for the city and county to work together to connect the entire community to fiber,” Mills County Auditor Ami Petersen said.

The agreement now allows Western Iowa Networks to move forward with installing the necessary infrastructure within the city limits.

In a press release, WIN officials stated,  “This transformative fiber construction project aims to revolutionize connectivity in the city, providing residents and businesses with unprecedented access to high-speed internet services as well as crystal clear landline phone. In addition to fiber internet, WIN will also offer businesses Hosted Phone Systems, Managed IT and more. “

WIN officials said highlights of the project include:

• Fiber-Optic Network Expansion: WIN will deploy advanced fiber-optic infrastructure throughout Glenwood, enabling “lightning-fast internet speeds and unmatched reliability. “

• Wider Service Coverage: The Fiber Construction Project is designed to extend WIN’s network reach, ensuring that more local residents and businesses can benefit from high-quality, high-speed internet access.

• Community Empowerment: By significantly improving internet connectivity, this project will help boost economic development, facilitate remote work opportunities, enhance online learning, and enable telehealth services, ultimately improving the quality of life for Glenwood’s residents.

• Customer-Centric Approach: WIN remains dedicated to providing exceptional customer service throughout the construction process.

“This latest partnership between Western Iowa Networks and Mills County underscores a shared commitment to enhancing the community’s digital infrastructure. This project will provide residents and businesses with access to essential resources, fostering economic growth and innovation” said WIN CEO Jeff Roiland. “We have already seen the immense benefits that fiber optics has provided to rural Mills County and are excited to see residents in Glenwood reap these benefits as well.”

Mills County Chamber Executive Director Jennie Davis added “The Mills County Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to hear of the partnership between Western Iowa Networks and Mills County, as well as the involvement of the City of Glenwood. Fiber optic internet is especially important to our local businesses who depend on reliable, fast service to conduct business and with the introduction of fiber to our community, Mills County is poised for additional growth, possibilities, and innovation.

In the past four years, WIN has invested over $20 Million in fiber optic construction in Mills County and has made gigabit service available to nearly 3,500 homes and businesses.

“We greatly appreciate the City of Glenwood coming to the table and assisting Mills County in investing in this project,” Roiland said. “The impact of their investment will be felt immediately with expanded opportunities for communication, education, business, entertainment…the list goes on.”
This project will see fiber optics constructed past nearly 2,500 homes and businesses and make Gigabit Internet available in Glenwood. Construction of this project is scheduled to begin in 2024. WIN’s fiber construction projects are meticulously planned and executed to bring customers the fastest and most reliable connectivity. Because of the large scale of this project, as well as the many stages involved in constructing a brand new utility, it will take a significant period of time to complete, Roiland said.

“WIN appreciates the public’s patience as they work towards a future of enhanced communication and connectivity for the Glenwood community,” he said. “The process of constructing this fiber network will use a combination of areas with a high concentration of customers who have signed up for services as well as network connectivity needs.

Residents in Glenwood, even if they have previously filled out the online interest form, will need to sign up for services in order to have fiber optics constructed to their home. They can do so by calling 888-508-2946 and speaking to a customer experience specialist or by signing up online at

Down the road, Mills County and the City of Glenwood will receive a return of a portion of the start-up costs allocated to the project as city residents begin utilizing the service.

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