YMCA Reviewing Contract to Manage Aquatic Center

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By Joe Foreman, Editor

Officials at the YMCA of Greater Omaha are reviewing language of a proposed management agreement for Glenwood’s outdoor aquatic center, projected to open in 2016.

“He (Glenwood city attorney Matt Woods) is working with our attorney on the draft. We should have something completed pretty soon for the city council to look at,” YMCA of Greater Omaha President and CEO Len Romano said.

“The biggest issue is making sure the operating budget is appropriate for the project. The biggest piece of that operating budget is the staffing and the life guarding.

“We want to make sure the city isn’t surprised when they see what it’s really going to cost to run a pool that size.”
Woods said the city will pay for the operational costs of the pool and a management fee to the YMCA.

“I’m not going to push this through just for the sake of pushing this through,” Woods said. “The priority is making sure the council understands the terms of the agreement and the exposure that is out there. The exposure comes in the form of what the operational costs are going to be. I want the council to have full information in that regard.”

Woods said the city sent a draft of the contract to the YMCA last week, noting that a statement made by city administrator Brian Kissel that contract proposals had been sent to the YMCA earlier in March was incorrect.

“The YMCA has not been sitting on agreements,” Woods said. “They’re very proactive. There was nothing to be signed off on. I did provide them with my draft of an agreement yesterday (Thursday).”