Swimming pool sale put on hold

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By Joe Foreman, Editor

    Two matters confronting the Glenwood City Council were put on hold last week - the completion of sidewalk repair work on Town Square and the potential sale of property that once housed the city’s outdoor swimming pool.

    The sidewalk repair work being done in front of nine properties on Town Square was expected to be completed this month by CYC Construction of Omaha, the low bidder on the project. The city council awarded the bid to CYC in August for $9,927.84. However, at last Tuesday’s regular council meeting, engineering consultant Steve Perry informed council members that CYC was ceasing operations immediately and would not be carrying out the work.
    “It’s not something we saw coming,” Perry said.
    The city’s contract with CYC has been negated, but the repair work will now be delayed as the project will be put up for a new bid. After CYC was awarded the project last month, Ryan Sell, one of the nine property owners involved in the sidewalk project, was critical of the city for not utilizing a local contractor to carry out the work. Only one Glenwood area contractor was contacted about the project, Sell said.
    Glenwood City Administrator Mary Smith said bids will be solicited from more than one local contractor when the project is rebid in October, but she’s uncertain if any Glenwood-area firms are interested in doing the project. Smith said she doesn’t expect a new contractor to be hired until October.
    The cost of the sidewalk replacement is being shared “50-50” by the property owners and the city. The cost to each property owner will be recalculated after the new bids come in next month and the project is awarded.
    As for the potential sale of the former outdoor pool property on North Elm Street, the council is putting that matter off until Nov. 9, one week after residents of the city of Glenwood vote on a $2.2 million bond issue that would assist in funding the construction of a $3.5 million outdoor pool adjacent to the Mills County YMCA.  The council was considering putting the property up for sale before the Nov. 2 vote, but agreed to hold off at the request of a citizens swimming pool committee.
    "The pool committee is concerned it (sale of old pool property) could have a negative impact on the vote," councilman and pool committee member Craig Florian said.
    On a related matter, the council granted the pool committee permission to construct a temporary sign at the site of the proposed new pool at the northwest corner of Sharp Street and Sivers Road. The committee also plans to spray mark lines on the site prior to Homecoming to show Glenwood citizens and visitors to the community how the new pool would fit on the land next to the YMCA.
    Melissa Dean, spokesperson for the pool committee, said fundraising and advertising efforts are under way. Donor pledge cards are being distributed throughout the community and will also be provided to all Glenwood Community High School alumni visiting the community during Homecoming.