Levee Breach Widens

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Moving Water Forces More Road Closings

By Joe Foreman, Editor

The size of a levee breach discovered in northwest Mills County last Tuesday, Aug. 23, has more than doubled over the past week.


Mills County Emergency Management officials said the breach occurred on the south berm of the St. Mary’s Drainage District, south of Allis Road and west of 182nd St. The 30-foot section of berm gave way due to ongoing flooding conditions along the banks of the Missouri River and recent heavy rainfalls. As of Monday afternoon, the length of the hole in the berm had swelled to 75 feet. The breach is not part of the main Missouri River levee system.

“They’ve attempted some repairs and have had some limited success,” Mills County spokesperson Sheri Bowen said Monday.

The breach forced Mills County officials to close a pair of roads in the affected area, 182nd Street and Gaston Ave., because of moving water. The area is sparsely populated with just five households directly impacted by the moving water. There have been no mandatory evacuations in the area, but residents have been put on alert should conditions worsen.

Over 165 large sandbags, each weighing 2,200 pounds, were placed in strategic areas to restrict water movement caused by the levee breach.

Bowen said the water flowing as a result of the breach has generally traveled south and east. Some of the water has made its way east of Interstate 29.

“Some of the water has gone under the interstate through a culvert,” she said. “But, there’s no threat to the interstate here.”

Mills County Emergency Management Director Larry Hurst said an emergency operations team will continue to monitor the situation near the levee breach and appropriate actions necessary to assure the safety of county residents will be taken.

The latest updates on the flooding situation in Mills County are available on the Mills County website, www.millscoia.us.