Glenwood taking board meetings on the road

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By Joel Stevens, Associate Editor

    The Glenwood Community School District Board of Directors is about to take its show on the road.
    The board voted unanimously last Monday at its regular monthly board meeting to rotate the board’s meetings during the 2010-2011 school year between Glenwood, Mineola, Silver City and Pacific Junction.
    Glenwood Superintendent Devin Embray spearheaded the proposal, modeling the plan to rotate venues after a similar schedule at his former school district in the Independence Community School District.
    “We had ended up having to close a building in my old district in one of the out-lying towns and the feedback we got was that we didn’t care about them and we just close their buildings,” said Embray.  “There were a lot of bad feelings and negativity.”
    So Embray came up with a plan in Independence to rotate board meetings in the communities that make up the district and modeled his Glenwood plan on that idea.
    “We wanted to show their input mattered too,” said Embray. “I definitely didn’t originate the idea, but we started doing that in Independence and while the ill feelings didn’t go away completely, it did turn something around in a positive direction and the mayors in the town were very thankful and it allowed the patrons that don’t get out much to come to a board meeting a couple times a year.”
    Embray’s plan calls for holding school board meetings in Mineola, Silver City and Pacific Junction at least twice a year.
    Under the proposed schedule the board’s next meeting on Oct. 11 will be in the high school media center but the following meeting, on Nov. 8, will be held in Mineola. Pacific Junction would then get the December meeting and Silver City the first meeting of the new year in January before returning to

Glenwood for the February meeting.
    The planned rotation will continue through June when the high school media center will host the meetings throughout the summer and into September.
    While specific locations have not been set as to where in Mineola, Silver City and Pacific Junction the meetings will be held, the meetings will continue to be on the second Monday of each month beginning at 7 p.m.

In Other Board News:
    * The board held its annual elections with Theresa Romens keeping her seat as school board president with Linda Young also retaining her vice president seat.
    * The board handed out committee assignments for the 2010-2011 school years. Dave Blum will serve on buildings and grounds and the transportation committees. Linda Young joins the co-curricular and Iowa Association of School Board (IASB) delegate assembly committees. Henry Clark will be a part of the IASB legislative network. Dave Warren will remain on the Mills County Conference Board and added the calendar committee. Board president Theresa Romens will serve on the school improvement advisory and advocacy committee in addition to the community coalition.
    * The board handed out Friends in Education Awards to Don Hembry, Ron Mattox and Larry Hurst for their assistance in helping Glenwood Community High School to host the Ram Invitational Cross Country Meet on Aug. 31 at Glenwood Lake Park.
    Hembry made and donated 80 posts for use on marking the course while Mattox helped with set-up prior to the meet and Hurst, Mills County’s Emergency Management Director, helped organize the overall safety of the athletes and the spectators during the meet.