GCSD: Did you know there’s an app for that?

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By Joel Stevens, Associate Editor

The Glenwood Community School District just got a little smarter.

Smart phone smarter, that is.

The district, as part of a $4,100 overhaul to it’s website, has launched a mobile app available for free on the iPhone and Android smart phone markets.

School Messenger, a division of the West Corporation, which provides services to schools nationwide for community engagement on everything from websites to custom mobile apps and social media, completed work on the re-booted www.glenwoodschools.org website this fall.

The app was initially expected to be released by the start of the school year but Superintendent Devin Embray said development delays pushed the date back slightly. The app is now up and running.

“It’s supposed to be a very responsive app that will have a home page and buttons to easily click on and get to what they want,” Embray said, adding the mobile app shares many of the same navigation features of the website just designed for smart phone interface.

The app features “buttons” for news, events, schools, people, notifications and lunch menu in addition to a parent portal, social media information, district calendars and transportation links.

“We soft launched the school website and we’re still trying to work out some bugs with that,” Embray said. “We want to do the same with the mobile app. I think that’s going to be the one everybody is going to grab on to and interact with it. That’s why we’re taking our time and making sure the links and connections are all vetted and work.”

The app can be found by searching “Glenwood Community School District” in the app store for iPhones or Android phones.