Congresswoman-elect Makes Stop In Glenwood

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Cindy Axne Vows To Be Visible, Accessible To Constituents

By Joe Foreman, Editor

Glenwood residents had the opportunity to meet their new congresswoman Saturday afternoon.


Around 30 people came out for a “meet and greet” with Cindy Axne, the West Des Moines Democrat who defeated Republican incumbent David Young in the November general election for Iowa’s District 3 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“I’m humbled and honored to be your representative in D.C.,” Axne told her Glenwood audience.

Axne, who owns a digital design business with her husband John, said she’ll be visible and accessible to her constituents in the Third District.  She vowed to visit each of the 16 counties in her district on a monthly basis during her first year in office, which officially begins Jan. 3.

“I’ll be getting out and talking to people and asking more than just Democrats to come out,” she said. “I’m hoping whether you have a D, R or an I behind your name, that you’re coming out to talk because I want to hear about the issues.”

Since her election five weeks ago, Axne said she’s been busy with “indoctrination” training and activities for new members of Congress. She’s been assigned an office at the capitol and has secured an apartment that’s walking distance to her office. Members of Axne’s staff are working with staffers from Young’s office to insure a smooth transition on the day she’s sworn into office. In southwest Iowa, she’ll keep the same field office locations in Council Bluffs and Creston that are currently occupied by Young’s staff.

“I’m hoping for a smooth transition,” she said. “I’m asking Congressman Young for continuation of casework so those people who have things in process don’t have to go back to the beginning. He has to give his permission to transfer the casework - I’m hoping we can get those things ironed out. One of the things I’ve said about Congressman Young is that he’s delivered good constituency services so I’m assuming he’ll probably meet us with that.”

Axne said she’s been asked to be on the Agriculture and Financial Services committees in Congress, which will help her serve the interests of Iowa. She noted that she and other newly-elected representatives have discussed the importance of reestablishing trust in the federal government.

In an interview with The Opinion-Tribune following Saturday’s meet and greet, Axne said she’s well aware that she represents a “purple district” of political diversity that stretches from the suburbs of Des Moines to the rural areas of southwest Iowa.

“I really believe it truly is just making sure I can understand and hear what people are saying. Not just listen, but hear what people are saying and make sure I act on those issues in Washington,” she said. “I truly believe we all want the same outcomes, we just have different ways to get there. My entire goal here is to ensure that I raise the lives of people here in this district through better opportunity through their jobs and education.

“That means we need to bring things like good infrastructure out here, fix our healthcare system and have an economy that’s actually working for hard working families.”

Axne said she’s familiar with the Loess Hills region through her previous work with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and has been familiar with Glenwood since her childhood.

“Growing up, my uncle had Down Syndrome. He was at Clarinda and Glenwood at points in his life,” she said.  “So growing up as a little girl, I’d take road trips out here with my mom and my grandma to visit my uncle.”

Axne said she likes the look of Glenwood’s Town Square and plans to spend time visiting with business owners on a future visit.