Born In The Fast Lane

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Members Of Glenwood Rescue Get Visit From Baby Boy They Delivered In Back Of Ambulance On Interstate 29

By Joe Foreman, Editor

Finley Wood has been living life in the fast lane from the moment he was born.


The 5-week-old baby, who was a special guest at the Glenwood Fire Station last week, was delivered March 22 in the back of an ambulance by two members of the Glenwood Rescue unit.

Glenwood Rescue got the call at 5:40 a.m. – “a woman in labor” at the northbound rest area on I-29. Finley was born at 6 a.m., a few minutes after Glenwood Rescue picked up MacKenzie Wood and her husband Trevor at the rest area.

“We made it about a mile north of the rest area and the baby was coming,” paramedic Casey Hutchison said. “We delivered the baby and delivered them on to the hospital.”

EMT Levi Kinnison was driving the rescue squad while Hutchison and EMT Kena Woods were tending to mom and baby in the back of the rescue squad.

“It happened fast,” Kinnison said. “I heard a baby cry and then I heard Casey notify dispatch to let Jennie Ed know we’re coming in and baby has been delivered. Yes, we were going pretty good to get to the hospital.”

MacKenzie and Trevor’s baby was supposed to be delivered at the Methodist Women’s Hospital in west Omaha, but the Shenandoah couple had barely made it halfway to the hospital when they realized Finley had other ideas.

“Once we got on the interstate, we knew we weren’t going to make it,” Trevor said. “Thank God they (Glenwood Rescue) got there fast.”

Trevor was seated in the front passenger seat of the rescue squad as Hutchison and Woods delivered his son.

“When I heard the baby cry, I was pretty excited, just hoping everything was going OK back there,” Trevor said.

MacKenzie admits it wasn’t the childbirth experience she had envisioned, but is grateful to Hutchison, Woods and Kinnison. She shared her appreciation in a Facebook post after last week’s visit to the fire station.

“I am so grateful for the birth I ended up having and the amazing people that helped,” she said.

During their visit to the fire station, Trevor and MacKenzie were given the honor of unveiling a special “Stork” sticker that’s been placed on the exterior of the rescue squad, signifying that a child has been born in the vehicle.

The members of the Glenwood Rescue unit who brought Finley into the world took turns holding the baby during his visit to the fire station and presented him with a T-shirt that reads “I Was Born In The Back Of An Ambulance.” Finley’s 2-year-old sister, Maggie, was presented a Teddy bear.

The three Glenwood Rescue members agreed that Finley’s birth is an experience they won’t forget.

“We see a lot of bad in this line of work,” Hutchison noted. “It’s nice to be a part of something good.”