Auxiliary Gym Construction Slowed By Weather

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Facility Still Expected To Be Built In Time For 2015-16 School Year

By Joel Stevens, Associate Editor

Despite being 30 days behind schedule, construction of the Glenwood Community High School auxiliary gym is still projected to be completed in time for the start of the 2015-16 school year.

Heavy rain this fall during early stages of construction attributed to some of that delay, Glenwood Superintendent Devin Embray said. Further soil compaction on the gym site, which sits on the back side of the high school, was also needed before footings could be poured causing further delays.

“The project isn’t a year-long project so with warm weather we’re hoping to make that time up,” Embray said. “We still feel we’re on schedule and we can have the opening before the school year starts.”
HSR Associates, Inc. designed the $3.8 million project and Omaha-based Meco-Henne Construction is building the facility.

The gymnasium will be on the north side of the high school and will house a new locker room and allow for an expanded weight room and wrestling room in addition to two full-length, 94-foot basketball courts. The locker room will expand its existing space by 3,000-square feet of space while the wrestling room will expand to 5,100-square feet and the weight room to 4,000 square feet.

When completed, the addition will double the high school’s available gym space, minimizing late-night and early-morning practices due to lack of court time. The expanded weight room and wrestling room will also enhance the school’s already top notch facilities. That has coaches excited, said Glenwood Activities Director Jeff Bissen.

“The most beneficial thing for our basketball coaches will be not having to be at school practicing at 7:30 at night,” Bissen said. “We’ll also be able to eliminate those 6 a.m. practices. The kids can be home more, work on their studies hopefully a little more. The bigger space will also help in wrestling and a larger weight room that will put a little more focus on a strength and conditioning program to get our student-athletes to have the physicalness we need to compete will clearly be a benefit as well.”

As of last week, the southside retaining wall and half the locker room walls on the addition were complete. Some footings are yet to be poured but should be in the next week, said Embray. With colder weather looming, getting as much done as possible before the freeze is important for the timeline.

“I think the goal is to get the locker room area closed in as best as they can before the hard freeze hits,” Embray said.

“Obviously, the footings will be all done before the hard freeze but as far as having it completely shelled in and a roof on before the freeze probably isn’t going to happen. Things will probably slow down as colder weather hits.”