Aquatic Center Reopens; Repairs Being Monitored

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By Joe Foreman, Editor

The Glenwood Aquatic Center reopened Friday after a four-day shutdown for repairs to stop the loss of water.
The two-year-old facility was closed early last week to determine the source of a water leak on the northwest corner of the pool.


Glenwood Public Works Director Perry Cook said nearly six gallons of water was being lost every minute as a result of the leak.

Representatives from Eriksen Construction (aquat-ic center contractor) and JEO Consulting (design/construction engineers) joined public works employees for an inspection of the facility. Cook said the leak appeared to be coming from a transition point where a stainless steel gutter meets the concrete wall of the pool.

The repair work involved lowering the water level of the pool and conducting joint-seal work along a seam at the transition point, Cook said.

Cook said the joint-seal work will likely be an ongoing “maintenance as needed” issue at the aquatic center, which opened in July 2016.

Cook said the situation will be monitored for the remainder of the swimming season and additional inspections and maintenance work could take place after the facility closes for the summer.