CLASSIFIEDS WITHIN: Apartments for Rent
  • 1, 2, & 3 Bedroom homes and apart-ments for rent in Red Oak. 712-623-9790; 370-4174 SIRHA approved.

  • 2 Bed apt. in R.O., Stove & Fridge furnished. No pets. References required. 301 2nd Ave. Call 712-357-1018.

  • APPLICATIONS ARE BEING ACCEPTED FOR GLENWOOD HOUSING CORP. 1 BR Elderly Apt. Glenwood, IA 51534. "62 years of age or older, handicap, disa-bled, regardless of age". contact: Smouse Financial at 417-886-9221. Equal Housing Opportunity. Applicants have the right to equal & fair treatment without re-gard to race, color, re-ligion, gender, disabil-ity, familial status or national origin.

  • Very nice, large 1 bdrm apt in RO. All appliances furnished. Call 712-623-5546 or 712-623-4898

  • VILLISCA, IA 2 bed-room. 1 bath. Apart-ment for rent: $500/month, includes water, trash, electric, & gas. Call 712-210-3484.