Today's Opinions

  • Who's Asking For Your Vote?

    The election is next Tuesday, November 4th, and the importance of paying  
    close attention to who is asking for your vote cannot be understated.

  • Writing Miss Daisy

    By Daisy Hutzell Rodman

    In early January 2006 I dropped by the desk of my friend and editor Howard K. Marcus as he shoved on his jacket. “I’m late for a meeting at the Press Club!” he exclaimed.

    “You belong to the Omaha Press Club?” I asked. “I’ve wanted to join for years.”

    This was true. In late fall 1998, Wade and I sat in bar chatting with the people around us.

    “Where do you work?” I asked someone.

  • Outside the Box: Glimpsing the garage sale psyche

    Since I was a child I’ve always liked garage sales.

    I can’t really explain why, other than I really like a good deal and I’m a bit of a snoop.

    Let me explain that last part.

    Rummaging through other’s peoples garage sale items – those old rollers skates, that cat print sweatshirt, a ThighMaster caked in dust – is a bit like being a detective sifting through evidence. It’s a glimpse into the psyche of a person. You can tell a lot about a person by what they sell and how much they sell it for.

  • Talking Soil, Water Quality
  • The Answer To The Editor's Question

    Joe, I enjoyed your editorial “Abortion shouldn’t be only Pro-life Cause” (Joe Foreman column Feb. 13) and I’m going to prove your point by focusing on just one thing. 

  • Catholic Church’s blame game hollow

        Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second. The Catholic Church is blaming the 1960s for its child molestation scandals?
        A five-year study released by John Jay College of Criminal Justice seems to suggest as much.

        The study was undertaken at the request and with the financial support of America's Roman Catholic bishops. The report links the spike in child abuse by priests in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s to, the study says, “the importance given to young people and popular culture.”

  • Water Bill Leaves Some Feeling Queasy

        I guess it was nice to learn that I wasn’t being singled out or picked on.
        Judging by some e-mails I’ve received in the past week, I wasn’t the only Glenwood resident slapped with a sizeable rate hike on my water and sewer bill this month from the Glenwood Municipal Utilities.

  • Council Bluffs salutes Edward Scissorhands

        I didn’t know Edward Scissorhands was from Council Bluffs.

        Apparently, he is. Why else would Council Bluffs let the Iowa West Foundation spend $3 million to erect a four-piece monument in Edward’s honor on the corners of the 24th Street bridge over Interstate 80.
        The sculptures, in the process of being installed this month, stand as tall as 60 feet high in some places.