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Abraham Lincoln impersonator Lee Williams will make three presentations Saturday at Keg Creek Days. At 1 p.m., Williams will discuss Lincoln’s youth and at 3 p.m., his role as politician. At 2 p.m., Williams will visit a Union Army encampment, inspect the troops, and deliver the famous Gettysburg address. Following the 3 p.m. presentation, “Photos with Lincoln” will be available at The Opinion-Tribune booth.
Opinion-Tribune Bringing Abraham Lincoln Impersonator, Civil War Encampment To Glenwood Saturday

As Glenwood celebrates its heritage this weekend with the annual Keg Creek Days, The Opinion-Tribune will participate by adding two major components of the era in which the newspaper was founded: Abraham Lincoln and a Union army encampment, complete with a cannon used in the Civil War.

Lee Williams, a nationally-recognized Lincoln impersonator, will make three presentations Saturday afternoon from the perspective of the nation’s 16th president.