Community News

  • mills County District Court 8/28/13

    James Heckerman
        Andrew Schoening, Glenwood – sentence reconsidered on guilty plea of third-degree sexual assault, deferred judgment, probation until Nov. 5, 2014, ordered to pay $1,000 civil penalty, court costs and fees.
        Colton Jared Radford, Pacific Junction – pimping, pandering, jury verdict of not guilty, case dismissed, costs taxed to state.

  • Glenwood Police Reports 8/28/13

        Aug. 17 – Brian Armstrong of Glenwood reported a stolen vehicle.
        Aug. 18 – Casey’s of Glenwood reported a gas drive off.

        Aug. 17 – A vehicle driven by Robert Hammers of Malvern was attempting to make a right turn into a business on northbound Locust Street when his vehicle was rear ended by a second northbound vehicle, driven by Andrea Hoden of Council Bluffs.

  • Mills County Sheriff Report 8/28/13

        Aug. 20 – Jan Babb of Glenwood reported an identity theft.
        Aug. 20 – Nebraska Hydro Seeding of Gretna reported criminal mischief and a theft.
        Aug. 26 - Farm Service Coop, Pacific Junction, reported a theft and criminal mischief near the train depot.

  • Mills County Sheriff Report 8/21/13

        Aug. 8 – Ken Anderson of Omaha reported a burglary.
        Aug. 16 – George Poorker of Hastings reported a theft.
        Aug. 12 – Ames Construction of Burn-ville, Minn. reported a theft.
        Aug. 15 – Vicki Stephens of Council Bluffs struck a light pole while driving through a parking lot on 195th Street.

  • Glenwood Police Reports 8/21/13

        July 24 - Amy Rollins of Glenwood reported an assault.
        Aug. 8 - Charity Boulton of Glenwood reported a theft.
        Aug. 12 - Brian Armstrong of Glenwood reported criminal mischief.
        Aug. 12 - Shawna Waymire of Glenwood reported criminal mischief.
        Aug. 12 - Bobbi Rohrberg reported  criminal mischief.

  • Glenwood Police Reports 8/14/13

        Aug. 4 – Roger Boner of Glenwood reported  trespassing.
        Aug. 4 – Nile Packett of Glenwood reported a serious assault.
        Aug. 5 – Carol Weilage of Glenwood reported  criminal mischief.
        Aug. 8 – Barbara Kaiman of Glenwood reported a theft.
        Aug. 8 – Charity Boulton of Glenwood reported a theft.

  • Mills County Sheriff Report 8/14/13

        Aug. 5 - Kenneth Fencl of Malvern reported a theft.
        Aug. 5 - Brad Obrecht of Missouri Valley reported a theft.

        Aug. 2 - Samuel Kalhorn of Glenwood was driving a vehicle southbound on 240th Street, when  an unknown northbound vehicle drove partially into Kalhorn’s lane of traffic causing him to swerve and hit a cable guardrail. No one was transported.

  • mills County District Court 8/14/13

    Susan K. Christensen
        John P. Drazic, Omaha – O.W.I., pleaded guilty, sentence suspended to two days in county jail with credit given for time already served, one year probation, ordered to undergo substance abuse evaluation, pay $1,250 fine, court costs and fees.

  • Mills County Sheriff Report 8/7/13

        July 30 - Viner’s Inc. of Emerson reported a criminal mischief.

        July 28 – A vehicle driven by Roscoe Moore of Plattsmouth was westbound on the Bellevue Bridge when a second vehicle, a tractor and hay rake driven by Robert Brandon of Pacific Junction, tapped the side of the bridge causing the vehicle to swerve and strike Moore’s travel trailer. No one was transported.

  • mills County District Court 8/7/13

    James Heckerman
        Adam Duane Wright, Glenwood – driving while license is barred (habitual offender), pleaded guilty, sentenced to three days in county jail, ordered to pay court costs and fees.
        Patrick Neal Jack, Emerson – found to be in contempt of court, released from probation and ordered to serve 23 days in county jail, ordered to pay court costs and fees.