Community News

  • Glenwood Police Reports 5/14/14

        April 25 – Quarthouse Bar of Glenwood reported a burglary and theft.
        May 5 – Alexa  Anderson of Glenwood reported a burglary and theft.
        May 8 – Lori Huffman reported a theft.
        May 9 – A vehicle driven by Danielle Newton of Gretna, Neb. was eastbound on Louise Avenue when a second approaching vehicle side-swiped Newton’s vehicle and did not return to the scene. No injuries were reported.

  • Mills County Sheriff Reports 5/14/14

        May 2 – Malvern Trust and Savings Banks, Malvern reported criminal mischief.
        May 5 – Peterson Constructors, Inc., Reinbeck reported criminal mischief.
        May 10 - Steve Badberg, Pacific Junction reported a burglary and theft.


  • Mills County Sheriff Reports 5/7/14

        April 26 – Gary Milunas of Bellevue reported a theft.
        April 25 – A vehicle driven by Louanna Squier, Malvern, was southbound on 284th Street slowing to make a left turn onto Gaston Avenue, when a second vehicle driven by Michael Gaver of Glenwood, who did not see Squier’s turn signal, attempted to pass and collided with Squier’s driver side door. No injuries were reported.

  • Glenwood Police Reports 5/7/14

        April 19 – Juliet Huff of Glenwood reported a theft.
        April 21 – Kadie Clark of Glenwood reported a domestic abuse assault.
        April 23 – Alysse Heywood of Glenwood reported a theft.

        April 25 – Pottawattamie County reported a county vehicle being vandalized.
        April 28 – WMS Gaming Inc. reported one of their vehicles being vandalized.

  • Mills County District Court 5/7/14

    Judge Kathleen Kilnoscki

        Myron Lee Brandon, Griswold - interference with official acts causing bodily injury, pleaded guilty, sentenced to 30 days in county jail with credit for time served, ordered to pay $315 fine, court costs and fees.
        Jeffrey Scott Iddings, Sioux City - found to be in contempt of court on original charge of indecent exposure, sentenced to 60 days in county jail, released from probation.

  • Mills County District Court 4/23/14

    Judge Jeffrey Larson
        Wendy Meadows, Glenwood – found to be in violation of probation on charge of willful injury, original sentence imposed.
        Joshua Laubert, Glenwood - fourth-degree criminal mischief, pleaded guilty, deferred judgment, six months probation, ordered to serve 30 hours community service and pay restitution, court costs and fees.

  • Mills County Sheriff Reports 4/16/14

        April 2 - A vehicle driven by Timothy Scheidle, Council Bluffs, was stopped attempting to turn into his driveway off Highway 370, when a second vehicle, driven by Dortha Frost and approaching from the rear, failed to stop and collided with Scheidle’s vehicle. Frost was transported to Jennie Edmundson Hospital. Her condition was not known at press time.

  • Glenwood Police Reports 4/16/14

        April 7 – Pat Caley, Glenwood, reported a burglary and theft.
        April 7 – Christina Simpson, Glenwood, reported a violation of a no-contact order.
        April 8 – Ryan Murphy, Glenwood, reported a simple assault.
        April 11 – Debra Decair,  Glenwood reported a theft.

  • Mills County District Court 4/16/14

    Kenneth Whitacre
        Dayton Ernest Tuper II, Malvern - violation of no-contact protective order, sentenced to seven days in county jail, ordered to pay $65 fine, court costs and fees.
        Carl D. Galvan, Jr., Council Bluffs - interference with official acts, ordered to pay court costs and fees.

    Susan Kay Christensen

  • Glenwood Police Reports 4/2/14

        March 4 – Dennis Newman of Glenwood reported a theft.
        March 24 – McKina Harris of Pattison, Tex. reported an assault.
        March 25 – Cheryl Evans of Glenwood reported a trespassing.
        March 28 – Thomas Light of Glenwood reported a burglary.
        April 1 – Timothy O’Connor of Glenwood reported criminal mischief.