Community News

  • Glenwood Police Reports 3/19/14

        Feb. 27 – Jacquelynn Nevitt of Glenwood reported a serious assault.
        March 1 – Carlie Cooper of Glenwood reported a theft.
        March 8 – Bluffs Taxi of Council Bluffs reported a theft.
        March 8 – Michelle Sinclair of Glenwood reported a theft.
        March 10 – Justin Kaufman of Glenwood reported criminal mischief.
        March 13 – April Stewart of Glenwood reported a burglary.

  • Mills County District Court 3/19/14

    Judge Jeffrey L. Larson
        Charles Campsey, II, Nebraska City – domestic abuse assault impeding air / blood flow, pleaded guilty, sentenced to jail time already served, ordered to pay $315 fine, court costs and fees.

  • Mills County District Cour 3/05/14

    Judge James Heckerman
        Justin R. Wright, Glenwood – probation revoked on original charge of domestic abuse assault, second offense; ordered to receive care at inpatient treatment program before placement in correctional facility, ordered to pay court costs and fees.
        Hope Rae Blevins, Ashland, Neb. – held in contempt of court for violation of probation, sentenced to 180 days in county jail with credit for time already served, released from probation, ordered to pay court costs and fees.

  • Mills County Sheriff Reports 3/05/14

        Feb. 27 - James Holmes of Pacific Junction reported an identity theft.
        Feb. 27- Chase Prime of Columbus, Ohio reported a theft.
        Feb. 28 - Justin Spahn of Glenwood reported an identity theft.


  • Glenwood Police Reports 3/05/14

        Feb. 25 - McDonald’s of Glenwood reported a theft.

        Feb. 22 - A vehicle driven by Linda Dean of Glenwood was backing out of a driveway on Hickory Ridge drive when Dean’s vehicle struck a legally parked vehicle.

  • Glenwood Police Reports 2/26/14

        Feb. 1 – Joanna Morrison of Pacific Junction reported a harassment.
        Feb. 7 – Tasty Morsils of Glenwood reported a theft.
        Feb. 9 – Newman’s Food Pride of Glenwood reported a theft.
        Feb. 10 – Glen Haven Home of Glenwood reported a theft.
        Feb. 10 – Colton Rausch of Glenwood reported a burglary and criminal mischief.

  • Mills County Sheriff Reports 2/26/14

        Feb. 17 – A vehicle driven by Melissa Mueller of Council Bluffs was eastbound on Highway 34 when the driver lost control on the slick road surface, attempted to take evasive action and went off the road, striking several trees. No injuries were reported.
        Feb. 17 – A vehicle driven by Kevin Koester of Atlantic was southbound on Highway 59 when the vehicle left the road and struck a street sign. No injuries were reported.

  • Mills County District Court 2/26/14

    James Richardson
        Derek Keith Fox, Glenwood – violation of probation on disposition for charges of O.W.I. and possession of a controlled substance, probation revoked, ordered to complete sentence of serving two days in county jail, ordered to pay court costs and fees.
    Lyle Mayberry
        Mary M. Palen, Hastings – fifth-degree theft, pleaded guilty, ordered to pay $65 fine, restitution, court costs and fees.

  • Glenwood Police Reports 2/12/14

        Jan. 26 - BobbiJo Aarons of Glenwood reported a burglary and assault.
        Jan. 28 - Glenwood Resource Center reported criminal mischief.
        Jan. 29 - Donna Reafleng of Glenwood reported a burglary, criminal mischief and theft.
        Jan. 29 - Glenwood State Bank reported a forgery.
        Feb. 20 - A vehicle driven by Bruce Burson of Glenwood lost control due to road conditions and struck a power pole.

  • Mills County Sheriff Reports 2/12/14

        Feb. 1 – Tammy Hammers of Malvern reported a theft.

        Jan. 21 – A vehicle driven by Jeremy Lee Downing of Pacific Junction was eastbound on Glover Road when a tire went flat causing the vehicle to leave the road and strike a tree. No injuries were reported.
        Feb. 1 – Hailey Murphy of Glenwood was northbound on 237th Street when her vehicle slid into a yard and struck a tree. The driver was transported to Mercy Hospital.