Community News

  • Mills County Sheriff Report 02/13/13

        Feb. 4 – A vehicle driven by Damon Govig of Red Oak was southbound on Highway 275 towing a trailer when the driver said he fell asleep at the wheel and the trailer entered the east ditch and jackknifed against an embankment.

  • Mills County Sheriff Report 02/06/13

        Jan. 28 – A vehicle driven by John McGuire of Lincoln, Neb. was northbound on Highway 59 when the driver stated his truck came out of gear and the driver looked down to shift gears and drifted onto the shoulder. The truck rolled on its side.

  • Mills County Sheriff Report 01/30/13

    Jan. 18 – Janett Babb of Glenwood reported an identity theft.
    Jan. 21 - Jack Palen of Hastings reported a burglary.
    Jan. 21 - Stephen Hollinger of Glenwood reported a burglary and theft.
    Jan. 17 – A vehicle driven by Jason Richmond was northbound on Levi Road when the driver lost control of the vehicle due to slick road conditions and rolled into the east ditch.

  • Glenwood Police Reports 02/06/13

        Jan. 22 – A vehicle driven by Amy Whipp of Clarinda was pulling away from a gas pump at a station on South Locust Street when her vehicle struck a second vehicle driven by Tracie Kerns of Pacific Junction.
        Jan. 30 – A vehicle driven by Lois Pitchfork entered a gas station parking lot on Locust Street and due to the icy parking lot slid into a legally parked second vehicle.

  • mills County District Court 1/30/13

    Judge Kathleen Kilnoski
    Craig Lee Hancock, Council Bluffs - O.W.I. (third offense), eluding law enforcement officers, pleaded guilty, sentence suspended to 30 days in county jail with credit for time already served, five years probation, driver’s license revoked for six years, ordered to pay $3,125 fine, court costs and fees; interference with officials acts, pleaded guilty, sentence suspended to five years probation, ordered to pay court costs and fees.

  • mills County District Court 1/23/13

    Judge Kathleen Kilnoski
        Derek Keith Fox, Glenwood – O.W.I., possession of a controlled substance, sentence suspended to two days in county jail with credit given for time already served, one year probation, ordered to undergo substance abuse evaluation, driver’s license suspended for 180 days, ordered to pay $1,250 fine, court costs and fees. May complete Second Chances program.

  • Glenwood Police Reports 1/16/13

        Jan. 6 – Donna Gaylord of Glenwood reported a burglary and theft.
        Jan. 4 – A vehicle driven by Christopher Howell of Glenwood was proceeding through the intersection of Elm and Sharp Streets when a second vehicle driven by Donald Renshaw of Glenwood struck Howell’s vehicle in the intersection.

  • Mills County District Court 1/16/13

    Kathleen Kilnoski
        Amanda Scott, Malvern - O.W.I., pleaded guilty, deferred judgment, six months probation, ordered to udergo substance abuse evaluation, pay $1,250 civil penalty ($625 waived with proof of driver’s license), court costs and fees.
    Judge Richard Davidson

  • Glenwood Police Reports 1/9/13

        Dec. 9 - Christopher Rainey of Glenwood reported a burglary and theft.
        Dec. 10 - Ronda Nebel of Glenwood reported a forgery.
        Dec. 20 - Casey’s of Glenwood reported a gas drive off.
        Dec. 31 - Brandy Barnes of Glenwood reported a trespassing.

  • Mills County Sheriff 1/9/13

        Dec. 26 - Jeanice Hankins of Council Bluffs reported a burglary.
        Dec. 31 - Ryan Campbell of Hastings reported a theft.
        Dec. 31 - Earl Gordon of Malvern reported a theft.
        Dec. 18 - A vehicle driven by Matthew Twehous of Malvern lost control of his vehicle on Highway 34, causing the vehicle to cross the centerline and strike the side of a bridge.