Community News

  • Mills County Sheriff Report 9/11/13

        Aug. 26 – Peterson Construction of Pacific Junction reported a theft.
        Aug. 29 – Logan Saddler of Council Bluffs reported an assault and trespassing.
        Aug. 31 – Charles Newman of Hastings reported criminal mischief.
        Sept. 2 – Jody Parrish of Emerson reported a burglary and theft.

  • Mills County Sheriff Report 9/4/13

        Aug. 23 – Keith Fontano of Pacific Junction reported a theft and arson.
        Aug. 23 – Tracey Pfannebecker of Malvern reported criminal mischief.
        Aug. 23 – Ruby Simms of Malvern reported a theft.
        Aug. 23 – Helen Johnston of Malvern reported a harassment.
        Aug. 24 – Farm Service Company of Pacific Junction reported a burglary and criminal mischief.


  • mills County District Court 9/4/13

    Judge Jeffrey Larson
        Justin D. Rhea, Thurman - O.W.I., pleaded guilty, sentence suspended to two days in county jail with credit given for time already served, one year probation, ordered to undergo substance abuse evaluation, ordered to pay $1,250 fine, court costs and fees.

  • mills County District Court 8/28/13

    James Heckerman
        Andrew Schoening, Glenwood – sentence reconsidered on guilty plea of third-degree sexual assault, deferred judgment, probation until Nov. 5, 2014, ordered to pay $1,000 civil penalty, court costs and fees.
        Colton Jared Radford, Pacific Junction – pimping, pandering, jury verdict of not guilty, case dismissed, costs taxed to state.

  • Glenwood Police Reports 8/28/13

        Aug. 17 – Brian Armstrong of Glenwood reported a stolen vehicle.
        Aug. 18 – Casey’s of Glenwood reported a gas drive off.

        Aug. 17 – A vehicle driven by Robert Hammers of Malvern was attempting to make a right turn into a business on northbound Locust Street when his vehicle was rear ended by a second northbound vehicle, driven by Andrea Hoden of Council Bluffs.

  • Mills County Sheriff Report 8/28/13

        Aug. 20 – Jan Babb of Glenwood reported an identity theft.
        Aug. 20 – Nebraska Hydro Seeding of Gretna reported criminal mischief and a theft.
        Aug. 26 - Farm Service Coop, Pacific Junction, reported a theft and criminal mischief near the train depot.

  • Mills County Sheriff Report 8/21/13

        Aug. 8 – Ken Anderson of Omaha reported a burglary.
        Aug. 16 – George Poorker of Hastings reported a theft.
        Aug. 12 – Ames Construction of Burn-ville, Minn. reported a theft.
        Aug. 15 – Vicki Stephens of Council Bluffs struck a light pole while driving through a parking lot on 195th Street.

  • Glenwood Police Reports 8/21/13

        July 24 - Amy Rollins of Glenwood reported an assault.
        Aug. 8 - Charity Boulton of Glenwood reported a theft.
        Aug. 12 - Brian Armstrong of Glenwood reported criminal mischief.
        Aug. 12 - Shawna Waymire of Glenwood reported criminal mischief.
        Aug. 12 - Bobbi Rohrberg reported  criminal mischief.

  • Glenwood Police Reports 8/14/13

        Aug. 4 – Roger Boner of Glenwood reported  trespassing.
        Aug. 4 – Nile Packett of Glenwood reported a serious assault.
        Aug. 5 – Carol Weilage of Glenwood reported  criminal mischief.
        Aug. 8 – Barbara Kaiman of Glenwood reported a theft.
        Aug. 8 – Charity Boulton of Glenwood reported a theft.

  • Mills County Sheriff Report 8/14/13

        Aug. 5 - Kenneth Fencl of Malvern reported a theft.
        Aug. 5 - Brad Obrecht of Missouri Valley reported a theft.

        Aug. 2 - Samuel Kalhorn of Glenwood was driving a vehicle southbound on 240th Street, when  an unknown northbound vehicle drove partially into Kalhorn’s lane of traffic causing him to swerve and hit a cable guardrail. No one was transported.