Community News

  • Mills County Sheriff 6.3.15

        May 17 – A vehicle driven by Loren Mayer of Malvern reported a burglary and theft.

        May 19 – A vehicle driven by Michelle King of Emerson was backing out of the driveway on Third Street when the vehicle struck a legally parked vehicle owned by Helen Johnston. No injuries were reported.

  • Mills County Sheriff 6.10.15

        May 24 – David Fuller of Hastings reported a burglary.
        May 26 – Merlin Tasto of Malvern reported a burglary.
        May 29 – Kimberly Newton of Emerson reported a burglary.
        June 2 – Julia Liddett of Glenwood reported a theft and burglary.


  • Glenwood Summer Food Service Menu 6.3.15

    Glenwood Schools Summer Food Service Program
        The Glenwood Community School District is participating in the Summer Food Service Program.  Meals will be provided to all children 18 and under without charge and are the same for all children regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.  Meals will be provided at the sites and times as follows:  
        June 8 - Aug. 7, 2015, Monday through Friday, meals will be served at:

  • Glenwood Police 5.27.15

        May 15 – Glenwood Senior Center reported a burglary and criminal mischief.
        May 15 – Glenwood Public Library reported an attempted burglary and criminal mischief.

        May 14 - A vehicle driven by Karen Callaway of Pacific Junction was turning right into the McDonald’s parking lot when a second car, driven by Susanna Weber of Glenwood rear-ended Callaway’s vehicle. No injuries were reported.

  • Mills County Sheriff 5.27.15

        May 14 – Karen Gonzalez of Glenwood reported a burglary.
        May 14 – Chrissy Butler of Silver City reported a theft.


  • Mills County District Court 5.27.15

    Richard H. Davidson
        Billy Walsh, Pacific Junction – animal abuse, pleaded guilty, sentenced to one year probation, ordered to undergo psychological evaluation, pay $625 civil penalty, court costs and fees.
        Carley Marie-Jene Hunter, Glenwood – child endangerment – bodily injury, pleaded guilty, deferred judgment, sentenced to two years probation, ordered to pay $750 civil penalty, court costs and fees.

  • Mills County District Court 5.20.15

    Kathleen Kilnoski
        Mitchell Stephen Waller, Glenwood – Found to be in contempt of court for violation of probation on original charge of assault while participating in a felony, sentenced to 180 days in county jail with credit for time already served, ordered to pay court costs and fees.

  • Mills County Sheriff 5.6.15

        May 2 – Margarita Gomez of Pacific Junction reported a theft.

        May 2 – A vehicle driven by Norman Roers of Vining, Minn. was pulling out of a parking spot on Main Street in Malvern, when the driver turned the wheel too sharply and struck a second parked vehicle owned by Donald Davis.

  • Mills County Sheriff 4.29.15

        April 16 – Randall Grudle of Sidney reported a theft.
        April 20 – Danny Probst of Pacific Junction reported a burglary.
        April 23 – James Bolton of Glenwood reported a theft and criminal mischief.
        April 23 – Eric Drenner of Pacific Junction reported  criminal mischief.
        April 23 – Clayton Fritz of Pacific Junction reported a theft.

  • Glenwood Police 4.29.15

        April 21 – Criminal mischief was reported at the Glenwood Lake Park bathrooms.
        April 24 – Thomas Smith of Glenwood reported a theft.
        April 26 – Dave Wilson of Glenwood reported a theft.