Winter Weather Taking A Toll

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By Joe Foreman, Editor

I’m going out on a limb and saying that the Glenwood Community School District’s vote for an instructional support levy next Tuesday won’t end up in a 434-434 tie like it did last year.


Will the levy get the votes needed for passage this year? Your guess is as good as mine.


The way the 2009 election and post-election unfolded is still one of the most unusual stories I’ve ever covered. Pass or fail, I expect things to unfold in a more conventional way this time around.


* * *




Mother Nature is doing her part to bring back the brick streets to Glenwood.


Maybe if winter lasts long enough, the blacktop surface overlay on many of our old brick streets will get completely eaten away.


* * *


In case you missed it, that big yellow ball of fire in the sky - that thing they call the sun - made a brief appearance Sunday morning.


I’m told we went 12 days without seeing the sun. It really was a depressing stretch of weather. The fog and clouds made me want to break out my old John Denver album that featured the song, “Sunshine On My Shoulders.”


Remember the lyrics?


Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.


Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry.


Sunshine on the water looks so lovely.


Sunshine almost always makes me high.


* * *


I know there are many Vikings fans in our area that were devastated by Sunday’s painful loss to New Orleans in the NFC championship game.


Many of the oldtimers have lived through the heartbreak of the Vikings’ four previous Super Bowl losses and some other bitter defeats in the postseason. I feel your pain, but I have to say that I’m happy for Saints fans and the city of New Orleans. There’s a team and a city that has really suffered over the years. Do you think there was any partying going on along Bourbon Street after the game?


* * *


The gymnasium at the new high school got a workout Saturday for the annual Glenwood Optimist Youth Wrestling Tournament.


Working the admission table for a couple hours in the morning and shooting photos later in the day, I heard some very positive comments about the school from out-of-town visitors.


Can’t say I was surprised.


* * *


The snow days have really added up for our local school districts. How bad is it? Any more days off and the end of the school year might end up overlapping with the start of the Mills County Fair.


* * *


Uhhhh, I’m sorry. Not sure what came over me.


Before I end this column, let me apologize for getting carried away with my earlier reference to a certain John Denver song.


The winter weather must be getting to me even more than I realized.