A Unique Boutique

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Glenwood Store Focuses on 'Pre-loved Children's Clothing'

By Joe Foreman, Editor

The owner of a unique boutique on the east side of Town Square in Glenwood says her business is continuing to grow since opening last August.

“Glenwood has been very receptive to the business,” said Stephanie Patzer, owner of Second Helpings Boutique.

The store specializes in “pre-loved” children’s clothing, sizes 0-14. Patzer purchases the clothing from customers, who receive a store credit of 30 percent of Patzer’s intended retail price. For example, a customer who brings an item to her shop that she sells for $5 would receive a $1.50 store credit.

Items she doesn’t select to sell in her store are donated to charity.

“I go through the clothes very thoroughly. I’m very particular,” Patzer said. “I try to keep the clothes seasonably appropriate.”

In addition to children’s clothing, Patzer is adding new merchandise to her shelves, including candles and handbags. Several customers, Patzer said, have requested she start selling adult clothing.

Patzer, who is a co-owner of the store with her husband, Craig, said she’s enjoyed “second-hand” shopping for a long time.

“I was told if you make your hobby your work, you’ll love your job,” she said.

Patzer said she received beneficial assistance from the Iowa Western Community College Entrepreneur Center and suggests any person considering a small business to tap into the resources the center offers.

Second Helpings Boutique, located at 13 N. Vine St., is open on Tuesdays, Wednes-days, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.