Too Many Cats?

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Council Gives Glenwood Woman 60 Days To Reduce Her Feline Population

By Joe Foreman, Editor

    A Glenwood resident has been given 60 days to reduce the number of cats residing and congregating on her property.
    Deborah Wilcoxson, 205 First Street, came before the city council last Tuesday to address a nuisance abatement notice she had received from the city concerning animals at her residence.
    Glenwood code enforcement officer Jim Webel said he had received multiple complaints from neighbors of Wilcoxson’s concerning the number of cats being harbored on her property. The nuisance abatement notice was sent to Wilcoxson after Webel determined that she was housing more cats on her property than allowed in the city code, which limits the number of animals to four per household.
    Wilcoxson told council members that she has four cats of her own, but also cares for and feeds approximately 10 other cats that roam her neighborhood. Wilcoxson said she is an animal lover and can’t tolerate the thought of the cats being put to sleep..
    “Just because somebody drives by and sees cats (in my yard), it doesn’t mean they’re mine. I’m just feeding the cats and providing shelter,” she said. “I’m for the animals and I don’t want to see them put to sleep.”
    Wilcoxson said she has tried to find homes for the animals through the Loess Hills Humane Society and other animal care groups, but has received little assistance.
    Wilcoxson’s brother, Brian Pavelka, said his sister should be commended for the care she is providing the animals.
    Wilcoxson questioned the alleged complaints made against her, noting that she’s not heard any herself from neighbors.
    Council members determined that by caring for the feral cats on her property, Wilcoxson is in violation of the city ordinance. She was given 60 days to reduce the number of cats on her property.