Tie vote gives Glenwood football coach a win

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Glenwood School Board vote allows Brian Albert to keep his job

By Joel Stevens, Associate Editor

Glenwood football coach Brian Albert is keeping his job.

In a special meeting Monday evening, the Glenwood School Board returned from two hours of deliberation with a deadlocked 2-2 vote on the recommendation by Glenwood Superintendent Dr. Stan Sibley that Albert be terminated as the high school's football coach.

School board members Bill Agan and Linda Young sided with the district administration to terminate Albert while Theresa Romens and Dave Warren voted to retain Albert. A simple majority of board members was required to take action on Albert's dismissal. Since the vote ended 2-2, the motion to remove Albert failed.

A fifth board member, Frank Overhue, recused himself from the hearing and did not vote.

Reading from a consensus statement of the board, Jeff Krausman, the board's attorney said, “The Glenwood football program as a whole does not meet our expectations and it needs improvement. Ultimately, the success of the program requires the cooperation of the coach and the activities director and we are troubled by the lack of cooperation demonstrated by the head coach and the A.D. in improving this program. We expect the head coach to respond positively to the constructive recommendations of the A.D. and to respect the A.D. as a supervisor. Going forward, we expect the program to improve as a result of the cooperative and positive leadership which has not been demonstrated up to this point.”

The board's decision to retain Albert ends a process that began last fall when Glenwood Community High School Activities Director Scott Arkfeld recommended to the Glenwood administration Albert not be retained and culminated with 16 hours of testimony over four nights of closed-session hearings. Several former players, assistant coaches and parents testified at the hearings.

Albert said in a previous interview with The Opinion-Tribune he was asked to resign following last fall's football season. Albert said he was told by Arkfeld the district “wanted to go in a different direction.”

Albert is 31-58 in 10 total seasons coaching Glenwood. He coached the Rams to their first ever state playoff appearance in 1988, his lone winning season in Glenwood.

A message left for Albert Monday night to seek comment on the board's decision was not immediately returned.

The matter of Albert's continued employment may not be finished, however. Overhue, who arrived for the closed-door meeting just as it was finishing, said he was “looking into the legality of the situation” but did not elaborate.

Overhue declined an interview request but did say, “Stuff was said and done I wouldn't do. Stuff that shouldn't be done in this town,” said Overhue.

When asked if he was referring to Albert's defense, Overhue nodded but did not answer.