Ten-digit Dialing To Omaha

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Added Area Code Means Change In Dialing Procedure To Metro Area

Beginning Saturday, Feb. 26, residents of southwest Iowa - including Glenwood, Mineola, Silver City, Council Bluffs and four other communities that enjoy having unlimited local calling to the Omaha metro area - will have to dial the three-digit area code plus the seven-digit telephone number to complete their call.

The change in dialing procedure is being necessitated by the addition of a new area code in eastern Nebraska - 531. Most residential and business lines in eastern Nebraska will continue to have a 402 area code, but many new lines will now be assigned 531, according to a Qwest Communications spokesperson. The new area code is being added to meet the demand for telephone numbers in eastern Nebraska.

For Glenwood, Mineola, Silver City and Council Bluffs residents, the price of a telephone call (local or long distance) or other Qwest rates and services won’t change as a result of the change in dialing procedure. What is now a local call will remain a local call, regardless of the number of digits dialed.

Local calls within the 712 area code in western Iowa, from Glenwood to Mineola or Silver City, for example, will not require use of the area code; neither will local calls made from the Omaha metro to Glenwood, Mineola, Silver City or Council Bluffs, according to Qwest.