Tabor Community news

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By Glendora Goodman
    Deepest sympathy to Bev Howard and her family on the loss of her great-grandson, “Little Charlie.” He was born and passed  Friday, March 16, at Mercy in Council Bluffs. His parents are Brett and Ranita Hiller and grandfather is Donnie Howard.
    Frances Clapper is home from New Mexico after a couple weeks there with her family. She enjoys the time with those little ones so much.
    Roy and Anna Bailey from Chillicothe, Mo., spent a few days here with the John Murphys. They returned home on Tuesday.
    Brick Madison is back on the job, having had to take time off for some surgery. He is feeling better and thankfully doing well.
    The annual Waubonsie Horse Camp will be held June 22-24 this year for the 25th anniversary. Youths from fourth through 12th grade may take part. 4-H members who can ride a horse independently are encouraged to attend. Registration for the entire weekend is due by May 4 and the fee is $40. This is a great opportunity for the kids.
    Birthday greetings, Doug Inman, Mary Donahue, Hazel Smith, Kathy Morris, Fred Goodman, Danny Wolfe and Kenny Howery. Enjoy!