Start Date Remains Aug. 26

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New School Nearing Completion

By Joel Stevens, Associate Editor

Pending final approval of the state fire marshal, the new Glenwood Community High School will welcome students on the first day of school with the rest of the Glenwood School District.

School begins in the district Aug. 26. High school juniors and seniors will report that same day at the high school. Freshmen and sophomores will start the following day. Classes begin at 8:05 a.m.

The school’s opening has been pushed back nearly a year due to early heavy rains causing construction delays and subcontractor and staffing problems with Construction Services, Inc. (CSI), the district’s contractor.

The fire marshal, along with representatives from CSI, DLR, the school’s architects, and the district, made a preliminary walk-through of the building on Monday. Pending the fire marshal’s approval, following a final inspection on Aug. 18, the school’s classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria and offices will be ready for occupancy Aug. 26.

But not the auditorium. That project continues to lag behind and will likely not be finished until November, meaning construction on that side of building will have to continue during school. As a result, a temporary fire barrier will have to be constructed in a hallway on the northwest side of the building to separate the auditorium work from student areas.

“We will get started on time if the fire marshal approves,” said Dr. Stan Sibley, Glenwood superintendent. “But that does not mean we will accept substandard, rushed or incomplete work. There’s still work to be done.”

It’s that work that remains to be done that has Glenwood School Board Member Bill Agan concerned.

“It was clear to me from walking through there tonight it doesn’t matter what we do or say, or what they do and say, they will get the school done when they want it done,” said Agan, who toured the high school along with other board members on Monday.

Work remains to be completed in the shop, agriculture and music classrooms adjacent to the auditorium. But those projects are on schedule to be completed by Aug. 26, said Dave Egr, site supervisor for CSI.

Sprinkler, electrical, painting and duct works is also on going. The school will also need a thorough cleaning before opening for students.

Teachers began moving into classrooms last week.