Sidewalk Repair on Hold

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Contractor Attempting To Get Paperwork In Order

By Joe Foreman, Editor

 It appears the sidewalk barricades on the south side of Glenwood’s Town Square will remain standing through the winter months.

    That’s because the sidewalk repair project on the 400 block of Sharp Street is on hold while the contractor awarded the project by the city of Glenwood works to get the necessary paperwork in order to prove that he is legally qualified to carry out the project in the state of Iowa.
    Ryan Sjulin of All American Landscaping attended last week’s regular meeting of the Glenwood City Council to address concerns about his business brought to the council by Ryan Sell, one of the business property owners on Sharp Street being asked to share in the cost of the repair project.
    Sjulin told council members that All American Landscaping is the subject of an investigation by Iowa Workforce Development, apparently to determine if his business is based in Iowa or Nebraska.
    At a Nov. 9 city council meeting, Sell informed council members that at his request, All-American Landscaping failed to provide documentation that showed it was legally qualified to perform the work in the state of Iowa. That documentation included proof of State of Iowa Contractor registration and a $25,000 bond required of company’s based outside of the state of Iowa. Sell said he requested this documentation from All American Landscaping because once the work is done, the individual property owners will be responsible for future upkeep and maintenance.
    Sjulin told council members that All American Landscaping has been based out of Hamburg since 1996, although he has resided in Nebraska City for the past two years.
    Referencing the notion that his company is Nebraska-based, Sjulin said, “I have no clue how they came up with that.”
    Formal bid documents presented to the city of Glenwood by Sjulin lists a Nebraska City address for the company. All American’s website also indicates the company is located in Nebraska.
    “We are a full service landscaping company, operating out of Nebraska City, Nebraska,” the website reads.
    Sjulin was not questioned by council members about the address listed on his bid documentation or his website, however he was asked why his bid dropped from $24,317.25 on the first round of bidding to $9,004.86 in the second round.
    The city’s engineering consultant, Steve Perry, answered the question on Sjulin’s behalf, stating that there was a discrepancy in quantities of product actually required for the project and that Sjulin’s first bid included some “mud-jacking” work.
    After hearing from Sjulin, the council voted 5-0 to honor All American Landscaping’s proposal, but delay the project until next spring as long as the contractor has his necessary paperwork in order.
    Glenwood city attorney Matt Woods said in the days following last week’s council meeting, he has investigated All American’s status and  has determined that the company is not currently registered with the state of Iowa.
    “The issue is whether or not they are registered with the state of Iowa,” Woods said. “The answer is ‘No.’ Until they are, they can’t do business with the city. I’ve informed the city council of that.”