Sentence Suspended For Former County Employee Who Stole Auto Dept. Funds

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Tammy Gammon Has 25-year Prison Sentence Reduced To Five Years Probation

By Joe Foreman, Editor

Upon further review, a former Mills County Treasurer’s Office employee who was convicted of stealing funds from the auto licensing department will not have to serve 25 years in prison.

On Monday, Mills County District Court Judge Timothy O’Grady reconsidered the sentence he had handed down in January and suspended Tammy Gammon’s sentence to five years of supervised probation.

Gammon, who spent the past eight months housed in a state correctional facility in Mitchellville, will be required to pay $17,542 in restitution and court administration fees.

Mills County Attorney Eric Hansen said O’Grady’s decision to reduce the sentence was based on a favorable report about Gammon’s behavior the judge received from prison officials.

“I still think the original sentence was appropriate considering the facts in this case,” Hansen said.

Gammon was arrested in June 2012 after an investigation by the state auditor’s office identified 182 improperly voided or altered vehicle registration renewals, vehicle titles and improper fee adjustments made over a six-year period from 2005-2011. Around $35,000 was believed to have been stolen from the auto department.

Gammon admitted to investigators from the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation she voided certain statements and kept the cash to use for her own “day-to-day expenses.”

She pleaded guilty to on-going criminal conduct in November 2012.

Hansen said the restitution will cover the remaining funds the county didn’t collect from its bonding company. Gammon will be required to make the payments in minimum monthly installments of $100.

“She can’t commit any crimes and has to find employment,” Hansen said. “If she doesn’t make those payments, she could go back to prison for 25 years.”