School lunch fees going up

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Glenwood School Board approves price hike


The Glenwood Board of Education voted to increase the cost of school lunches and preschool tuition but declined to increase student text book fees for the 2009-2010 school year at its monthly meeting last Monday, June 8.

The board voted unanimously for a five-cent increase for student lunches to $2 per meal and a 30-cent increase for teacher and adult lunches to $2.80. Breakfast costs will remain the same.

Glenwood preschool tuition costs per month will also be going up $6 across the board. The cost for parents with a child in preschool two days per week will be $65 next school year. Three days per week will be increasing to $75 and a full week will now be $105.

In a 2-1 vote, the board declined to increase student text book fees and a $5 increase to the cost of student activity tickets from $35 to $40. Board members Bill Agan and Frank Overhue voted against the proposal while board president Theresa Romens voted for the increase. Board member Linda Young abstained from the vote. Dave Warren was absent from the meeting.

The current district wide text book fee is $28 per student with a maximum of $84 per family. The proposed increase would have seen text books fees rise to $35 for elementary students, $45 for middle schoolers and $55 for high school students.

The district currently brings in about $40,0000 annually in student text book fees, said Glenwood Superintendent Dr. Stan Sibley. The increase would have nearly doubled that amount to about $75,000.