School District Holding Rummage Sale

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Old Desks, Furniture, Computers Available For Purchase

Feeling a little homeroom nostalgia?

Like to have a used school desk? How about an overhead projector or small storage cabinet?

If you’re in need of any of these items, the Glenwood Community School District might have just what you’re looking for.

The district is offering old, used student and teacher desks and chairs, office equipment and antiquated computers and monitors for sale on March 7 at 102 Central on the Glenwood Resource Center campus. The first day of the sale was held Feb. 28.

Most of the excess equipment has been in storage in the Building Bridges building since the renovation to West Elementary School a decade ago. The lease on that building is up in July and considering the district is making substantial new equipment purchases for the new high school, Superintendent Dr. Stan Sibley said, the district was running out of storage options.

“Most of these things have little or no value to the district, but they do to some individuals,” said Sibley. “We want to give those people an opportunity to purchase these things.”

Any items not sold will be recycled or disposed of, Sibley said.

“Its our expectation we will be making about as much money as it would cost to haul these things away and dispose of them,” he said.

Call Dave Greenwood, the district’s director of facilities, with questions at 527-5661.