Reprieve For Commuters

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I-29 'Crossover' Shortens Travel Time For Motorists

By Joe Foreman, Editor

    The Iowa Department of Transportation is counting on a “crossover” on Interstate 29 south of Exit 32 in western Mills County to provide relief to flood-detoured motorists utilizing the Plattsmouth Bridge to travel between Iowa and Nebraska. The IDOT implemented the temporary crossover last Wednesday.


    The change allows travelers to make a U-turn from the southbound entrance ramp at Exit 32 to the northbound  exit ramp. The crossover will shorten travel distances for commuters and other travelers who are being forced to use the Plattsmouth Bridge because of the flood-related closure of Highway 2 on the Iowa side of the bridge at Nebraska City.
    The crossover reduces the travel by about 15 miles for eastbound motorists from Plattsmouth on U.S. Highway 34 who are attempting to continue traveling east on 34 or north on Interstate 29. Because of bridge construction work at the Highway 34-Interstate 29 interchange, eastbound motorists were being forced to travel south on Interstate 29 to Exit 24 (Bartlett) and then return back in the northbound lane of the interstate. The interstate is closed at Exit 24 due to Missouri River flooding.
    Northbound motorists from Bartlett are now forced to get off the interstate at Exit 32. From there, they can travel east on Highway 978 to Pacific Junction or Glenwood or get back on the northbound lane of the interstate via the entrance ramp at Exit 32.