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News You Need To Know About RAGBRAI in Glenwood



    Both mens- and womens-style T-shirts that feature Glenwood’s official RAGBRAI logo are available for purchase for $15 at the Joe Designer shirt shop at 427 Sharp St. on the south side of Town Square.
    Sale of the T-shirts will help the Glenwood RAGBRAI Committee retire some of the costs associated with hosting the touring bicycle ride July 23-24.

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Children in grades K-5 are encouraged to take part in a RAGBRAI art contest, sponsored by Glenwood’s RAGBRAI hospitality committee.
The artwork must incorporate Glen-wood’s RAGBRAI theme - The Wild Southwest / Save A Horse, Ride a Bike.
Artwork can be a drawing, painting or sculpture, no larger than 11 by 14 inches with the artists’ name and telephone on the back.
The contest ends Friday, May 27. Entries can be turned in to The Opinion-Tribune newspaper office at 116 S. Walnut St.
The winning entry in each grade will be posted on Glenwood’s RAGBRAI website. Community residents will be allowed to vote on the website for the overall winner, which will be entered in the statewide RAGBRAI art contest.
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Glenwood RAGBRAI is searching for sponsorships to help make hosting this year’s RAGBRAI a success.
    If you are interested in donating to our community for RAGBRAI 2011 or would like additional information, contact Sandi Winton at 520-8548 or (sandi@jimhughesrealestate.com) or Lori Ingoldsby at 527-5401. Sponsorship levels are available from $100 on up.

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   You may receive calls from people coming to town during RAGBRAI asking about housing. We ask you to direct them to the Glenwood Housing Committee that can add them to the housing request list. By going through the formal process, we can insure that all guests are registered participants in RAGBRAI. If a rider is unregistered, that means they have not signed the RAGBRAI Waiver and Release of Liability. Therefore, anyone in the community who houses unregistered riders opens themselves to full liability for whatever may happen when that rider is at their home. Please notify the RAGBRAI Housing Chair if you have already accepted riders to be guests in your home. If you have agreed to accept a rider who has not registered and signed a waiver of liability, you could be personally accepting the risk, in some cases, by having strangers stay in your home. Please contact Glenwood’s RAGBRAI Housing Committee Chair Ashley Baker at 527-5181 or housing@glenwoodragbrai.com.


    What A Rider Expects:
    * A place to put their tent, or a bed inside or inside floor space for a sleeping bag. Access, if possible, to a bathroom and shower and possibly somewhere to fill a water bottle.
    What a rider does not expect:
    * To have full use of your home.
    * To be fed and entertained.
    *Towels, soap or shampoo.
    What hosts can expect:
    * Well-behaved, appreciative guests.
    * Guests who respect your wishes.
    *The riders to arrive mid to early afternoon and be out usually by 9 a.m.
    * Someone who will remember your kindness.
    * To meet some fascinating people.
    What is completely up to you:
    * How many guests and who. You can make preferences.
    *  Restroom facilities.
    *  Laundry facilities.
    *  Whether you want to offer coffee, snacks, a beverage, or anything else for that matter.
    For more information or to volunteer as a rider host, contact Glenwood’s RAGBRAI Housing Committee Chair Ashley Baker at 712-527-5181 or housing@glenwoodragbrai.com.

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