Principal Expects To Keep Her Job

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District Still Mum About Newman's Leave Of Absence

More than 10 days  after Glenwood Community High School Principal Kerry Newman was placed on paid administrative leave, school district students and parents remained in the dark as to the reasons why the principal is the subject of an internal investigation.


    Glenwood Community Schools Superintendent Devin Embray, who is heading the investigation, said Friday Newman’s status remains unchanged and the investigation is “on-going.”
    Newman was placed on paid administrative leave Jan. 18. Embray has declined to give the reason for Newman’s leave.
    When reached Friday, Newman said she misses very much being around the students and the teachers and the leave has been “very difficult.”
    “I am trying to respect the process,” Newman said. “I have done nothing wrong to the district nor has my leadership done anything but improve the high school.  I hope to be back with students and staff soon. I have heard a lot of rumors and none of those have been true.  That is also very difficult for me as well as my family.”    
    Newman went on to say she isn’t sure herself on the details of the investigation but declined to elaborate.
    There is no time line for the investigation, but Embray did say he hopes to have it wrapped up this week.
    Members of the Glenwood Board of Education are aware of the investigation but they do not have specific knowledge nor have they been consulted during the process.
    “Because the investigation is not done yet, I don’t have plans to meet with them. As soon as there is (a conclusion), most likely there will be one (a special meeting),” Embray said.
    The district has not issued a statement on Newman’s leave nor have parents been notified about the reason for or the duration of her absence.
    “I am following the process. If and when I have the ability to speak about it, I will do so. But at this time I cannot,” Embray said.
    When asked if the district has plans to notify parents formally of Newman’s leave, Embray responded, “I think parents probably know that.”
    Embray said he has received a number of calls from parents inquiring about Newman but declined to elaborate on the specifics of those calls or exactly how many he has fielded.
    Assistant principal Rick Nickerson has assumed Newman’s duties in her absence.
    Newman joined the district in 2001. After serving as the district’s curriculum director and then principal at the middle school, she was hired as high school principal in 2007.