Presidential Candidate Wants To 'Fix America'

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Colorado Republican John Davis Stops In Glenwood

By Joe Foreman, Editor

Carrying a symbolic red, white and blue wrench, Republican presidential candidate John Davis made a brief appearance in Glenwood last Wednesday, vowing to “fix America.”

The Grand Junction, Colo., home builder made a 15-minute stop on Town Square during his on-going effort to visit every county in the United States. Davis and his family are traveling the country in a custom-painted, 43-foot motor home.

“I know a lot of the candidates just focus on Iowa,” Davis said. “I’m traveling to all the states because I’m committed to the entire country.”

Davis bills himself as a “conservative Republican choice” who’s campaigning on a platform of smaller government, a balanced budget and the need for stronger control of the U.S. - Mexico border.

“The biggest thing is the economy,” Davis said. “I want to create a balanced-budget amendment and shrink government and government fees.”

His answer to immigration reform is creating a solid barrier (fence) completely across the U.S.-Mexico border and providing citizenship for “law-abiding aliens.”

Davis said he’s been encouraged by the reception his ideas have received on the campaign trail.

“It’s going to take every American to stand up and say, ‘enough is enough,’” Davis said. “We need to take back control of our country.

“I pray for our president and I respect him, but I don’t agree with the path he’s taking us on.”

Davis said he’s owned his own small business for 30 years. He’s been campaigning since early January.

“God spoke to me and told me to run for president,” he said. “That’s why I’m here (today).”