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Public Health Is Serving Our County Well

At last month’s Betterment and Beautification Awards dinner, employees at the Mills County Public Health Office were recognized with the Glenwood Area Chamber of Commerce’s award for Outstanding Customer Service. The award is presented annually to the Glenwood-area business or public agency that goes above and beyond when it comes to meeting the needs of its customers.

The recognition is well-deserved.

In the case of Mills County Public Health, its customers are the citizens of Mills County who utilize the dozens of programs and services administrator Sheri Bowen and her staff provide. The list of these programs and services is too long to run in its entirety, but here’s a sampling: in-home health care, skilled nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy, medical transportation, water testing and numerous other environmental health services, heart, chronic and communicable disease awareness and preventative education programs, immunization clinics, blood pressure screenings, senior, child, dental, mental and maternal health, parenting education and community health planning.

A good public health program can be an asset to any community, but in the case of Mills County, one of only a handful of counties in Iowa that doesn’t have a hospital, having a strong public health office is not only an asset, but vital to our overall well-being.

We are fortunate to have a public health office that has not only stepped up to the challenge of serving a growing population, but is constantly seeking and finding innovative ways to make Mills County a healthier place to live.