New Police Cruisers Sought

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Glenwood Police Chief Would Like To Add 4 Vehicles To Fleet

By Joe Foreman, Editor

Under a proposal presented to the Glenwood City Council last week, Police Chief Eric Johansen would like to add four new vehicles to the Glenwood Police Depart-ment’s fleet after the start of the new fiscal year on July 1.

If the council approves the purchase of the two Chevrolet Tahoe SUVs and two Chevy Caprice police cruisers proposed by Johansen, the number of vehicles in the GPD fleet would grow from five to nine, allowing each of the nine officers on the Glenwood police force to be assigned their own vehicle.

The price tag for the four new vehicles, including the installation of lights, a siren, radar, a video camera and other law enforcement equipment s estimated at $170,000. If the purchase is authorized, the city would utilize general obligation bonds as a funding source instead of taking dollars from the general fund.

Michelle Faxon, the city’s interim financial manager, said a special levy would be put into place to retire the bond debt.

The city council has agreed to look at spending up to a $169,000 for the purchase of the new police vehicles with the understanding that efforts would be made to keep the purchase cost “substantially lower” than the estimated amount. A public hearing, likely at the council’s Feb. 8 meeting, would be required before the city could move forward on the matter.

At last week’s meeting, city council members expressed concerns to Johansen about the additional insurance and maintenance costs that would come with adding four vehicles to the police department’s fleet.

Johansen said by keeping the department’s five existing vehicles in use, mileage on the new vehicles would be reduced, and vice versa. The existing vehicles are a 2002 Ford Explorer with about 52,000 miles on it and four 2007 Crown Victorias with mileage ranging from 42,000 to 72,000 miles.