More Stop Lights In Glenwood?

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Traffic Signals Proposed For Locust Street

By Joe Foreman, Editor

A Glenwood resident has asked the city council to consider installing traffic signal lights at the intersection of Nuckolls Street and Locust.

    Tim O’Connor made his request to the council at its regular meeting last Tuesday, May 22, noting the sometimes heavy traffic flow on Locust can make it difficult for motorists to cross or enter the roadway from adjoining streets.
    Council member Craig Florian said he is sympathetic to O’Connor’s concerns.
    “I know they’ve done traffic studies there, but traffic studies don’t take into account time spent waiting,” Florian said.
    Florian encouraged O’Connor to bring the issue up again with the city council next winter when the city is preparing its 2013-14 fiscal year budget.
    Glenwood Public Works Director Perry Cook estimates the cost of purchasing and installing traffic lights at the Nuckolls - Locust intersection at $140,000 - $150,000.
    In an interview after the council meeting, Cook said the Iowa Department of Transportation is due to put out an updated city-wide traffic count in 2013. The latest traffic count, conducted in 2008, indicated between 8,300 - 8,500 motorists were utilizing Locust Street (south of Sharp Street) on a daily basis.
    Locust Street is the city’s major north-south corridor and primary link to U.S. Highway 34. Cook agreed that installing traffic signals at an intersection on Locust would break up the traffic flow, but believes it might be more beneficial to place the lights at the Hazel Street intersection, three blocks south of Nuckolls.
    “Any traffic signal affects intersections three blocks away or even further,” Cook said. “Any signal down there would break up the traffic (to the north and the south).
    “A reason to consider the Hazel Street intersection is the angle down there. The angle makes it difficult to cross Locust.”