More Damage, More Costs For Library Restoration

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By Joe Foreman, Editor

The news keeps getting worse for the Glenwood Public Library.

Last month, workers carrying out brick restoration work at the library uncovered additional masonry damage that could add more than $60,000 of additional repair work. Workers uncovered the  damage as they removed bricks from the facade of the century-old building. City administrator Brian Kissel said the additional work brings the estimated cost of the entire project to around $160,000.
Additionally, Kissel said structural concerns (rotting wood) were later found behind the white crown molding near the top of the building. Tuesday night, after discussing options for repairing that damage, the city council decided to allow the molding to be removed and replaced with brick. It was one of three options considered and the only one that will not create additional expense.

The contractors carrying out the library restoration project, which includes roof replacement and brick repair, have been granted a 30-day extension to get the project completed. City officials had hoped to have all work completed in time for the mid-September Glenwood Homecoming celebration.

The new timeline calls for brick work to be completed in time for Homecoming and the roof to be replaced in late September. Temporary roofing work will keep the building dry over the next two months.