Mills County Sheriff Reports 7/9/14

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    June 30 – Allan Hughes of Glenwood reported a theft.
    July 2 – Tara Isenbart of Pacific Junction reported a theft.
    July 3 – John Tompkins of Omaha reported a burglary.
    July 5 – Megan Schmoll of Glenwood reported a theft.
    July 5 – George Stratbucker of Glenwood reported a theft and criminal mischief.
    July 7 – Ben Franks of Malvern reported a theft.
    June 30 – A vehicle driven by Andrew Hockabout of Pacific Junction was westbound on Highway 34 attempting to make a left turn onto 195th Street when a second vehicle, driven by James Lundy of Glenwood, collided with the rear of Hockabout’s vehicle. A third vehicle then rear ended Lundy’s vehicle as a result of the first collision. No injuries were reported.
    July 5 – A vehicle owned by Megan Schmoll and operated by an unknown driver was eastbound on Kelting Avenue when the driver lost control on a curve and rolled into the drainage ditch. The vehicle was reported stolen. No driver was located or injuries reported.