Mills County Sheriff Report 02/27/13

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    Feb. 9 – Donald Hopp of Glenwood reported a burglary.
    Feb. 9 – Tristen Smith of Emerson reported a burglary.
    Feb. 11 – Mark Perina of Omaha reported a theft.
    Feb. 11 – Diana Asmussen of Encinitas, Calif. reported a theft.
    Feb. 11 – Eileen Fleming of Glenwood reported a burglary.
    Feb. 14 – Brian Beattie of Malvern reported a burglary.
    Feb. 19 – Ted Wilson of Malvern reported criminal mischief.
    Feb. 8 – A vehicle driven by James Deitchler of Glenwood was northbound on 221st Street attempting to make a left turn when a second northbound vehicle, driven by Caleb Whitehouse of Pacific Junction failed to stop in time and collided with Deitchler’s vehicle.