Mills County 4-H News Country Cousins

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    The Country Cousins 4-H Club met June 4, 2012, at 7 p.m. at the Glenwood Park.   The meeting was called to order by historian, Sarah Jacobsen.  The pledge to the American flag was led by Andy Staiert and Michaela Staiert. The roll call was, “What is your favorite project area?” and was answered by 21 members. There were three leaders, one guest, and 10 parents present at the meeting. The secretary’s report was approved as given by Jessica Arnold. There was no treasurer’s report available.
    Old business: Joe Stavas reported on our club, combined with the Mills County Prizewinners 4-H Club, placing American flags in veterans’ markers at the Tabor Cemetery for the Memorial Day weekend. Olivia Jones reported on the Relay for Life children’s games, that our club helped raise $490 for the American Cancer Society. The plywood photo board paint day will be Saturday, June 9 from 9:30 to noon at the Tibbles’ house. Sarah Jacobsen will email a copy of the Share the Fun skit and a schedule of the practices. Laura Lambert reported on the ideas for boothmanship and our club set a $60 budget. Members are to bring their wooden clovers to the July meeting as they will be used in the boothmanship display.
    New business:  Laura Lambert is offering a sewing workshop on Saturday, June 16, 9 to noon, at Grace United Methodist Church. If members are planning to attend and have a sewing machine, please bring it. Cindy Tibbles reported on preparing for the ice cream sales at the fair.  If members need an ice cream shirt, contact Joe Designer. We voted to sponsor Sarah Jacobsen in the Fair Queen competition. Lots of additional 4-H information was given from the Mills County Extension 4-H newsletter.  For information from the newsletter, visit: http://www.extension.iastate.edu/mills/.
    Joe Stavas gave a presentation on how to make a minnow trap out of a plastic liter pop bottle and fishing line. Andy Staiert gave a presentation on how to pitch a baseball. Ben Frazee gave a presentation on guinea pigs. Michaela Staiert gave a presentation on how to be a lifeguard. Ben Stavas gave a presentation on which plastics are reusable and the dangers of the chemical BPA in plastic bottles, especially No.7 plastics. Sarah Jacobsen gave a presentation on how to make origami fortune cookies.
    The meeting was adjourned and the pledge to the 4-H flag was led by Andy Staiert, Michaela Staiert, and members with June birthdays, which included Grant Hughes. Prior to the meeting, recreation was a group competition game with team strategies.

    Our next meeting will be July 9 at 7 p.m. at Holy Rosary Catholic Church.
Larissa Tibbles, Reporter