Long-term Flood Recovery

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COAD To Offer Assistance To Mills County

    Mills County has formed COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disasters) to assist residents with long-term flood recovery and plan for future disaster response.  
    As floodwaters along the Missouri River have receded, Mills County’s Emergency Operations Team has moved from an active flood-fighting mode into a new phase of recovery.
     “It became apparent that a community-wide organization would be required to provide ongoing support for flood affected families,” Mills County public information officer Sheri Bowen said. “The purpose of the Mills County COAD is to bring together voluntary agencies, businesses and governmental agencies to foster a more-effective preparedness, response and recovery.
    “Through cooperation, coordination, communications and preparedness, the COAD can serve through this flood recovery response and better prepare for future disaster situations.”
     The initial leadership for the COAD will be provided by co-chairs Sherry Ford of Mills County ISU Extension and Anne Smith, HCA Director for Mills County Public Health.
    “Our first goal is to get our committees operational and provide support services for those flood-affected Mills County residents,” Ford said.  “We have appointed eight committees, including finance and donations, case management, community assessment, crisis and spiritual counseling, construction coordination/ housing, volunteer coordination and a communications / media team.
    “This takes a large number of dedicated individuals with a long-term commitment to the community.  We plan to begin active services within the next few weeks to assist families with case management, assistance with clean-up, and provide financial and emotional support.”  
    Ford said financial support is needed for COAD activities for support of flood affected individuals. Donations are accepted through the Mills County Community Foundation Flood Fund. All Mills County area banks are receiving donations on behalf of the fund. Donations may be made online through the Omaha Community Foundation at  omahafoundation.org/givenow.
    All donations are tax deductible.
    “Please consider donating your time and talents as well as your financial resources to assist the residents of Mills County,” Ford said. “The Mills County COAD is a terrific opportunity to support your community today and into the future.”
    For more information about the Mills County COAD or to volunteer to serve in some capacity, call 527-4231.
    Additional updates will be posted to the Mills County Flood Website at www.millscountyflood.org.