Knight girls repeat at Corner Conference champs

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By Joel Stevens, Associate Editor

The Fremont-Mills girls track team won three gold medals and racked up 113 team points to win its second straight Corner Conference title last Tuesday.


The Knights, running on its home track, won just two events at the conference meet but had double place winners in seven events to out pace co-runner's up East Mills and Villisca's 92 points.

“We were definitely surprised,” said Fremont-Mills coach Kyle Fichter of his team's repeat at the conference meet. “I thought we had a chance but our times hadn't been great so we just weren't sure where we stood.”

Fichter said his team's depth and 45 points from its field events were the difference.

Corrine Schoening and Brandi Menicucci dominated the throwing events. Schoening won the shot with a top toss of 33 feet, 9 3/4 inches and Menicucci, in addition to winning gold in the discus, was second in the shot. Both Schoening and Menicucci, who won the shot and discus last season, are just sophomores.

“That was key for us. I thought our depth could be the difference and it was huge for us to get as many girls medal as we did,” he said. “A lot of teams sort of beat each other up and we were able to slide in and score a lot of points.”

The Knights' other gold medal came from its 4x800-meter relay team.

The Knights got a pair of silver medal finishes from Lauren Alley in the 400-meter dash and the high jump.

Chelsea Younts and Mary Fichter placed third and fourth, respectively, in the 100-meter hurdles.

The East Mills girls track team placed second behind Shelby Sommerla's first place in the 1,600, second place showing in the 3,000 and fifth place medal in the 200.

Amy Walker added a second place in the 100 and third place finish in the 200 for the Wolverines.

Villisca tied with East Mills for second place in the team standings, getting gold medals performances from Courtney Auxier in the 100-meter dash, Becca Baker in the high jump and from the distance medley relay and the 4x200-meter relay.

Auxier added a second place finish in the 200 and the long jump.

Placing fourth with 74 points was Stanton. The Vikings were paced by Kadie Subbert's first place showing in the 400-meter hurdles and its 4x400-meter relay team that placed first. Subbert added a third place in the high jump.

Essex tied with Sidney for fifth at the meet with 65 points.

Joscelyn Coleman won four gold medals, placing first in the long jump, 110-meter hurdles and 200-meters while anchoring the Trojanns' gold medal-winning shuttle hurdle relay team. Essex's other gold medals came in the 4x100 and sprint medley relays.

Corner Conference Meet

Girls Team Results

1. Fremont-Mills, 113. 2. (tie) East Mills, Villisca, 92. 4. Stanton, 74. 5. (tie) Essex, Sidney, 65. 7. South Page, 47. 8. Hamburg, 18. 9. Clarinda Academy, 11. 10. Farragut, 10.

Girls Results

Long jump – first place, Jocelyn Coleman, Essex, 16' 1". Second place, Courtney Auxier, Villisca, 15' 6.25". Third place, Celia Bruning, Stanton, 14' 8.75". Fourth place, Mindy Lorimor, Fremont-Mills, 13' 7". Fifth place, Kara Helbling, East Mills, 13' 2". Sixth place, Cassie Thomas, Fremont-Mills, 10' 4.5".

Shot put – first place, Corrine Schoening, Fremont-Mills, 33' 9.75. Second place, Brandi Menicucci, Fremont Mills, 32' 8.75". Third place, Taylor Wagg, Stanton, 32' 1". Fourth place, Shayney Scott, Villisca, 30' 3.5". Fifth place, Jensen Duysen, East Mills, 29' 7". Sixth place, Leah Burkhiser, Farragut, 29' 6.5".

High jump – first place, Becca Baker, Villisca, 5' 0. Second place, Lauren Alley, Fremont Mills, 4' 10". Third place, Kadie Subbert, Stanton, 4' 8”. Fourth place, Melissa Kesterson, Fremont Mills, 4' 6". Fifth place, Naela Thornton, Essex, 4' 4". Sixth place, Sami Hustak, East Mills, 4' 4".

3000m run – first place, Kara Cruickshank, Sidney, 11:59.39. Second place, Shelby Sommerla, East Mills, 12:29.08. Third place, Meg Williams, South Page, 13:17.82. Fourth place, Tiffany Pease, Farragut, 13:35.26. Fifth place, Michelle Schoening, Fremont Mills, 13:39.98. Sixth place, Mary Harbor, East Mills, 13:45.76.

Discus – first place, Menicucci, Fremont-Mills, 105' 11". Second place, Taylor Wagg, Stanton, 91' 7". Third place, Scott, Villisca, 86' 11". Fourth place, Rebecca Sears, Hamburg, 85' 1". Fifth place, Betsy McQueen, Farragut, 85' 0". Sixth place, Meghan Gardener, Hamburg, 82' 7".

4x800m relay – first place, Fremont Mills, 11:12.51. Second place, Sidney, 11:37.30. Third place, East Mills, 11:54.77. Fourth place, Clarinda Academy, 12:34.78. Fifth place, Farragut, 13:11.34.

Shuttle hurdle relay – first place, Essex, 1:11.12. Second place, Stanton, 1:16.04. Third place, Fremont Mills, 1:18.74. Fourth place, East Mills, 1:24.29. Fifth place, Clarinda Academy, 1:41.74.

100m dash – first place, Courtney Auxier, Villisca, 12.67. Second place, Amy Walker, East Mills, 13.2. Third place, Sheri Schaaf, Villisca, 13.35. Fourth place, Helbling, East Mills, 13.44. Fifth place, Dallas Leporte, 13.5. Sixth place, Tara Maher, Essex, 13.61.

Distance medley relay – first place, Villisca, 5:02.13. Second place, South Page, 5:05.50. Third place, Stanton, 5:09.32. Fourth place, Hamburg, 5:12.41. Fifth place, Fremont-Mills, 5:13.70. Sixth place, Clarinda Academy, 5:18.28.

400m dash – first place, Makenzie Stevens, South Page, 1:06.15. Second place, Lauren Alley, Fremont Mills, 1:08.11. Third place, Jordan Jennings, East Mills, 1:10.52. Fourth place, Narelle Naeve, East Mills, 1:12.26. Fifth place, Amber McClary, Fremont-Mills, 1:14.97. Sixth place, Megan Hamilton, South Page, 1:19.85.

4x200m relay – first place, Villisca, 1:56.56. Second place, East Mills, 1:57.25. Third place, Sidney, 2:02.27. Fourth place, Fremont Mills, 2:03.93. Fifth place, Stanton, 2:04.26. Sixth place, South Page, 2:10.91.

100m hurdles – first place, Jocelyn Coleman, Essex, 16.05. Second place, Kadie Subbert, Stanton, 16.23. Third place, Chelsey Younts, Fremont Mills, 18.55. Fourth place, Mary Fichter, Fremont Mills, 19.44. Fifth place, Annie Lindburg, Essex, 19.76. Sixth place, Gabby Roenfeld, East Mills, 19.78.

800m run – first place, Cruickshank, Sidney, 2:44.19. Second place, Liz Tedder, Sidney, 2:49.60. Third place, Kesterson, Fremont-Mills, 2:49.71. Fourth place, Katie Fritz, East Mills, 2:52.75. Fifth place, Michele Schoening, Fremont-Mills, 2:58.60. Sixth place, Meg Williams, South Page, 3.03.22.

200m dash – first place, Coleman, Essex, 27.15. Second place, Auxier, Villisca, 27.58. Third place, Amy Walker, East Mills, 27.97. Fourth place, Stevens, South Page, 28.5. Fifth place, Sommerla, East Mills, 29.11. Sixth place, Sammy Doty, Sidney, 29.37.

400m hurdles – first place, Subbert, Stanton, 1:10.95. Second place, Lilly Berggren, Villisca, 1:11.38. Third place, Melanie Lange, Hamburg, 1:16.49. Fourth place, Jennings, East Mills, 1:17.73. Fifth place, Lynde Madison, Fremont-Mills, 1:18.65. Sixth place, Mary Fichter, Fremont-Mills, 1.28.87.

Sprint medley relay – first place, Essex, 2:06.96. Second place, South Page, 2:07.88. Third place, Villisca, 2:08.88. Fourth place, Sidney, 2:10.32. Fifth place, East Mills, 2:15.74. Sixth place, Fremont-Mills, 2:16.49.

1500m run – first place, Sommerla, East Mills, 5:42.36. Second place, Cruickshank, Sidney, 5:50.30. Third place, Alexa Whitehill, South Page, 6:01.09. Fourth place, Julia Pfeiffer, Stanton, 6:04.97. Fifth place, Schoening, Fremont-Mills, 6:16.04. Sixth place, Chelsea Nebel, Farragut, 6:20.47.

4x100m relay – first place, Essex, 56.79. Second place, East Mills, 56.83. Third place, Villisca, 57.51. Fourth place, Fremont-Mills, 58.32. Fifth place, Sidney, 58.42. Sixth place, Hamburg, 1:04.82.

4x400m relay – first place, Stanton, 4:45.28. Second place, Sidney, 4:47.50. Third place, Fremont-Mills, 4:52.43. Fourth place, Clarinda Academy, 5:01.01. Fifth place, Hamburg, 5:04.90. Sixth place, East Mills, 5:06.05.