Kenkel Family Chiropractic Moves Into New Office

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Expanded Space Means Expanded Services

By Joe Foreman, Editor

Dr. Mike Kenkel and his staff at Kenkel Family Chiropractic have moved into their new home at 407 Sharp St., on the south side of Glenwood Town Square.

Kenkel, a Denison native, opened his new office on Jan. 5, three years and a one day after bringing his practice to Glenwood.

“When I came to Glenwood, my goal was to move into a new location within three years,” Kenkel said. “I opened on Jan. 4, 2006, and we moved in here on Jan. 5. It’s been our patients that have made this possible. They’ve been very supportive.”

The new location gives Kenkel about 2,500 square feet of office space, compared to the 700 square feet he had at his previous location a block away.

The additional space means more service for Kenkel’s patients, including in-house x-ray technology and expanded physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.

Children now even have their own adjustment room.

Before moving his practice into a building that had previously housed a liquor store, Kenkel oversaw an extensive renovation of the structure. Restored brick walls, high ceilings and wood floors compliment the modern furniture and equipment in the office.

“We were able to maintain some of the culture of the building,” he said. “We hope it’s an example of what can be done to preserve some of the older buildings here.”