ISL Vote Still Tied After Recount

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By Joe Foreman, Editor

The ballots were counted again Tuesday morning and the vote count remained unchanged.

The Glenwood Community School District Instructional Support Levy (ISL) election has ended in a dead heat - 434 “Yes” votes and 434 “No” votes.

By failing to get a simple majority, the school district’s 10-year, approximately $750,000 levy has failed by a single vote.

The recount took place in the Mills County Courthouse with three individuals from the Glenwood community - Dr. Darcey Butts, Nancy Bristow and Mark Lincoln - doing the honors of counting the ballots by hand.The recount began shortly after 8:30 a.m. and was completed at 9:50 a.m.

The recount was carried out less than a week after a petition requesting that the ballots be counted again was presented to the Mills County Auditor’s Office on behalf of the school district. Ten signatures were required on the petition for the recount to take place.

GCSD Superintendent Dr. Stan Sibley and members of the Glenwood Board of Education stated publicly after initially learning of the levy’s failure that a recount would be in the best interest of the district.

At its regular meeting six days after the election, the board of education authorized Sibley to pursue a recount and take the necessary legal action to dispute the election results if he deemed such an action necessary.

Supporters of the levy had hoped that an absentee ballot returned to the auditor’s office three days after the election would be accepted and provide the one “Yes” vote needed for passage. A canvassing board ruled that the manner in which the ballot was returned didn’t meet state criteria for acceptance.