Humane Society Ceases Operations

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Membership Meeting Planned To Discuss Facility's Future

By Joe Foreman, Editor

The future of the Loess Hills Humane Society’s animal shelter  in Mills County (21600 221st St.) is in question following a formal announcement last week that the facility has been closed indefinitely, and LHHS has not renewed its animal control contracts with Mills County or the cities of Glenwood and Pacific Junction.

    “The long-term potential for flooding in our area has made an already difficult set of circumstances worse,” LHHS spokesman Alan Deines said in a press release submitted to The Opinion-Tribune last week. “LHHS is dependent on grants and donations for a large portion of its income and the flooding situation has reduced the amount of charitable monies available or made a greater need for charitable giving in the human services area. Providing animal control officers and other staff needed to provide services is dependent upon donations and service income.”
    Deines said the shelter was closed by the LHHS board of directors because the facility couldn’t guarantee suitable housing or staffing for quarantined, ill, injured, stray, abandoned or owner-surrendered animals while waiting out flood concerns in western Mills County.
    Animals being housed at LHHS shelter when flood concerns began surfacing in early June were taken for housing at a temporary shelter in Red Oak. Deines said LHHS board members and employees are grateful for  Montgomery County’s animal rescue assistance.
    Deines said a LHHS membership meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 11, at 7 p.m., in the Mills County Engineer’s Office meeting room (403 Railroad Ave.) in Glenwood.
    “The board will discuss the financial needs of the Humane Society with membership and discuss a post-flood reboot of services,” Deines said.