Glenwood second, third at Atlantic Co-Ed

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The Glenwood boys track team rested some of its top runners and shuffled lineups in some other events while placing second at the Atlantic Co-Ed Track Invitational on Friday.

The Rams finished with 86 points. Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln and Harlan tied for first at the meet with 108 points.

“We purposely went into this meet trying to get our athletes a good workout while resting a a few others,” said Glenwood coach Mark Starner. “Our goal wasn't to necessarily win the meet, but to compete and be in the top three at the end of the meet.

“We did a lot of things well on the evening, while other events may seem like we didn't run well, but as said earlier, we used the meet as a workout for some athletes, so we weren't as worried about times as we were competing and finishing races.”

The Rams' rested top long distance runner Johnny Fuller and middle distance runner Eliot Lincoln and Kyle Wheeler after all three ran in the 4x800-meter relays.

“We purposely were backing off them for this meet to simply get them off the track,” said Starner.

The 4x800-meter relay team still managed a season-best and meet-best best 8:14.72.

Mark Abrams picked up for Fuller in the 3,200-meters (second place), the 1,600-meters (first) and the 800-meters (third place).

“He ran extremely well, especially in the wind,” said Starner of Abrams. “Had there not been any wind, Mark would have had three personal best on all three events. He is starting to run with confidence and is also heating things up on the track.”

The Glenwood Girls track team placed third at Atlantic with 69 points. Harlan was the meet champion with 158 points and Atlantic was the runner up with 110.

The Rams' Shelby Brewster fought off the flu to battle Harlan's Dena Baughman of Harlan into the finals of the high jump. Baughman won the gold but Brester set a personal best of five-feet to finish second.

Rachelle Martin continued her consistency in the discus finishing in fourth place after a battle with Kylie Perkins of Shenandoah and Morgan Darrington of Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln. Martin 's best throw was 103 feet, seven inches

Abby Brown set a personal best in the long jump with a top leap of 15’ 5” and finished in fifth place.

Shaniece Nott, also battling illness, put up good performances in the 100-meter dash (2nd place) and a 3rd place in the 200-meter dash.

The Rams' 4x100-meter relay team of Shaniece Nott, Kassie Finn, McKenna Henze, and Brewster ran their fastest time of the year.

Atlantic Co-Ed Invitational

Boys Team Results

1. Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln, 108. 2. Harlan, 108. 3. Glenwood, 86. 4. Council Bluffs Lewis Central, 68. 5. Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson, 57. 6. Denison, 29. 7. Tri-Center, 26. 8. Atlantic, 24. 9. Shenandoah, 21. 10. Red Oak, 15. 11. Clarinda, 14.

Glenwood Medal Winners

High Jump: first place, Ian Eflin, 6'.

4x800m Relay first place, Glenwood (Eliot Lincoln, Jordan Krug, Johnny Fuller, Kyle Wheeler), 8:14.72. (1st)* Meet & Facility Record*

3200m Run: second place, Mark Abrams, 10:10.67.

Shuttle Hurdle Relay: first place, Glenwood (Mitch Bowden, Cole Darrow, Michael Lawler, Eflin), 1:01.

4x200m Relay: fifth place, Glenwood (Taylor Williams, Rhett Turner, Cole Darrow, Jared Petersen), 1:37.65.

110m High Hurdles: first place, Eflin, 15.68.

1600m Run: first place, Abrams, 4:41.46.

200m Dash: fifth place, Williams, 24.21.

400m Hurdles: third place, Jones, 59.02.

800m Run: third place, Abrams, 2:06.95.

4x100m Relay: fourth place, Glenwood (Williams, Turner, Petersen, Eflin), 46.01.

Girls Team Results

1. Harlan, 158. 2. Atlantic, 110. 3. Glenwood, 69. 4. Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln, 61. 5. Council Bluffs Lewis Central, 54. 6. Clarinda, 34. 7. Tri-Center, 29. 8. Council Bluffs St. Albert, 26. 9. Shenandoah, 25. 10. Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson, 23.

Glenwood Top Medal Winners

Discus: fourth place, Rachelle Martin, 103’ 7”.

Long Jump: fifth place, Abby Brown 15” 5”.

High Jump: second place, Shelby Brewster, 5’ 0”.

3000m Run: third place, Kayla Anderson 11:54.36.

4x800m Relay: fourth place, Glenwood (Megan McKern, Ashley Grave, Maddie VanScoy, Emily Blum), 10:36.08.

Shuttle Hurdle Relay: fifth place, Glenwood (Kassie Finn, Devin Jackson, Abby Brown, Mercedes Liparoto), 1:13.40.

100m Dash: second place, Shaniece Nott, 13.2.

Distance Medley Relay: sixth place, (Lexi Fisher, Brewster, McKenna Henze, Katie Larsen), 4:42.46.

4x200m Relay: sixth place, Glenwood (Hannah Ringsdorf, Brewster, Ashley Grave, Brown), 1:57.85.

100m Hurdles: fourth place, Liparoto, 17.17.

200m Dash: third place, Nott 27.45.

400m Hurdles: second place, Fisher, 1:09.31.

1500m Run: third place, McKern, 5:22.93.

4x100m Relay: sixth place, Glenwood (Nott, Finn, Henze, Brewster), 53.66.

4x400m Relay: fourth place, Glenwood (Grave, Henze, Larsen, Fisher), 4:30.5.

Ram's Win Relays

The Glenwood boys track team completed the sweep of all three home track meets this season with the team title at the Co-Ed Ram Relays last Tuesday.

Glenwood has previously won its Ram Relays and Ram 9-10 Relays.

“This also marks the third straight year of this feat,” said Glenwood coach Mark Starner. There were several outstanding performances on the day.”

The Rams' 4x800-meter, shuttle hurdle, 4x200-meter, 4x100, 4x400 relay teams all set season-bests. Mark Abrams (3,200-meter run), Kyle Wheeler (400-meter run), Michael Lawler (400-meter hurdles), Eliot Lincoln (800-meter run), Taylor Williams (200-meter dash) and Jared Peterson (200-meter dash) all set personal bests.

“Some of our goals this year were to win every home meet; especially this one,” said Starner. “This meet gives our seniors a boost competing on our home track for the last time and ending up on top of the field. That's important for us. Its a good send off for them and we were fortunate enough to attain that goal for them.

“Things are starting to come together as the season is winding down. We've got some areas to work on within the next couple of weeks before we compete in the Conference and District Track meets.”

Atlantic was the girls' meet champion with 132 ahead of Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln's 121 points.

Glenwood finished with 113.5 points for third place.

The Rams' Abby Brown placed second in the long jump with a top leap of 15' 1/2”.

Megan McKern earned a first place finish in the 1,500-meters and a third place medal in the 3,000-meter run.

The Rams' shuttle hurdle relay team of Kassie Finn, Mercedes Liparoto, Devin Jackson and Brown) ran a 1:09.71 to earn second place.

Shaniece Nott earned a first place finish in the 100-meter dash and a second place in the 200-meter dash.

Ram Co-Ed Relays

Boys Team Results

1. Glenwood, 129. 2. Harlan, 97. 3. Council Bluffs Lewis Central, 87. 4. Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson, 78. 5. Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln, 67. 6. Council Bluffs St. Albert, 45. 7. Shenandoah, 34. 8. Atlantic, 19.

Glenwood Top Medal Winners

High Jump: second place, Ian Eflin, 6' 2”.

Discus: sixth place, Clayton Giesting, 124'.

Long Jump: second place, Cole Darrow, 19' 6”.

4x800m Relay: second place, Glenwood (Eliot Lincoln, Jordan Krug, Jonah Strand, Kyle Wheeler), 8:16.81.

3200m Run: first place, Johnny Fuller, 9:12.10.

Shuttle Hurdle Relay: first place, Glenwood (Mitch Bowden, Darrow, Michael Lawler, Eflin), 1:00.92.

100m Dash: third place, Taylor Williams, 11.61.

400m Dash: third place, Kyle Wheeler, 51.64.

110m High Hurdles: first place, Eflin, 15.22.

1600m Run: first place, Fuller, 4:21.24.

200m Dash: second place, Williams, 23.40.

400m Hurdles: sixth place, Derek Jones, 1:00.5.

Distance Medley Relay: fourth place, Glenwood (Darrow, Rhett Turner, Trent Jameson, Mark Abrams), 3:55.23.

800m Run: second place, Lincoln, 2:02.21.

4x100m Relay: fourth place, Glenwood (Williams, Turner, Jared Petersen, Eflin), 45.64.

4x400m Relay: fourth place, Glenwood (Wheeler, Fuller, Jones, Lincoln), 3:34.30.

Girls Team Results

1. Atlantic, 132. 2. Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln, 121. 3. Glenwood, 113.5. 4. Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson, 92. 5. Council Bluffs Lewis Central, 69.5 6. Shenandoah, 35.5. 7. Council Bluffs St. Albert, 24.5.

Glenwood Top Medal Winners

High Jump: fourth place, Shelby Brewster, 4' 6”.

Discus: third place, Rachelle Martin, 104' 2 1/2”.

Shot Put: fifth place, Cassie Kruse, 31' 7”.

Long Jump: second place, Abby Brown, 15' 1/2”.

3000m Run: third place, Megan McKern, 11:43.79.

4x800m Relay: fourth place, Glenwood (Ashley Grave, Brooke Peckham, Emily Blum, Maddie VanScoy), 10:39.93.

Shuttle Hurdle Relay: second place, Glenwood (Kassie Finn, Mercedes Liparoto, Devin Jackson, Brown), 1:09.71.

100m Dash: first place, Shaniece Nott,12.60.

Distance Medley Relay: third place, Glenwood (Hanna Ringsdorf, McKenna Henze, Shelby Brewster, Katie Larsen), 4:43.93.

400m Dash: third place, Lexi Fisher, 1:04.11.

4x200m Relay: sixth place, Glenwood (Ringsdorf, Henze, Brown, VanScoy), 1:57.82.

100m Hurdles: second place, Liparoto, 16:52.

200m Dash: second place, Nott, 27.20.

400m Hurdles: second place, Fisher, 1:11.62.

Sprint Medley Relay: sixth place, Glenwood (Finn, Liparoto, Henze, Grave), 2:02.32.

1500m Run: first place, McKern, 5:23.56.

4x100m Relay: fourth place, Glenwood (Nott, Liparoto, Henze, Brewster), 53.79.

4x400m Relay: sixth place, Glenwood (Fisher, Henze, Grave, Brewster), 4:40.75.